Antonio Suleiman Is The Syrian Refugee Pornstar

antonio suleiman

Syrian refugee, Antonio Suleiman, is not your average immigrant.

He went completely against the grain and pursued a professional career in adult entertainment as a pornstar.

It all started back in 2012 when he fled to Germany with one main goal: to change people’s perception of Syrians.

At the time, he did not know that he will try to accomplish his goal through porn. You do not always need to know about the how.

Back in Syria, Antonio fantasized about becoming an actor and performing on stage. He wanted to be featured in movies.

However, he never really thought about having sex on camera.

All until Germany happened.

Still, his plan was to get to the UK or US, but he ended up “stuck” in the porn capital of Europe.

When Suleiman was searching for a job pretty much everyone refused him.

As he says in an interview for The Local Voices, “All the doors were shut because of my nationality.”

But he did not give up.

He kept on hunting and even give it a shot with porn production companies and directors. Needless to say, they also rejected him.

“Many Syrians in Germany claim that there’s no racism, and that everything is good. I think they are lying to themselves.”

“All the so-called Arab porn is actually non-Arabian and fake.”- Antonio Suleiman


Although he faced with so many rejections, Antonio did not stop.

As clever as he is, he decided to contact a UK producer under a German name. It was his first success.

Just when he turned eighteen, Antonio had his very first porn casting in Amsterdam what landed him two shootings in Belgium.

For each, he got paid 500 euros.

Then again, everything stopped. The people he worked with kept on releasing new explicit movies but never gave him a call.

This was the time when he had enough of it.

After so many attempts, Antonio Suleiman decided to take things into his own hands. Since nobody wanted to work with him, he set everything up all by himself and shot his very own adult movie in sunny Barcelona.

Ah, beautiful Spain.

Not only that, his goal was to film a genuine Arab porn.

“Not like what you see on the internet, where all the so-called Arab porn is actually non-Arabian and fake.” And “The Arabian King” was born.

After the release of his XXX video, Antonio decided to work only with the Americans.

You know, they are way more open and tolerant than the Germans are.


To get back to his primary goal that he wanted to achieve with moving to Germany, Antonio is successfully using his body to show the world that Syrians are sensuous people, too.

He says that he uses his body to show that the “Syrian body” can also make love and does not live only in order to die.

For now, Antonio Suleiman’s goal is to keep on starring in pornographic videos and gain fame and popularity.

Moreover, his family is, obviously, upset about his decision, but it is not quite like so when it comes to his friends.

They are all standing by his side.

Antonio Suleiman is the genuine Syrian pornstar

As for his long-term desire, Antonio wants to become a movie star and leaving the pornstar thing behind.

To help him grow popularity and see what’s up, follow Antonio on Twitter.

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