Hottie of the week – Brennah Black

brennah black

Unbelievably hot and sexy blonde model, Brennah Black, is a Pottawatomi Native Amercian who enjoys showing off her magnificent assets. And if you happen to never heard or seen anything about Brennah, today is your lucky day.

In true Monday fashion, every week, we bring you a new hottie of the week. This week, it is all about no other than the amazing, tempting and mega attractive babe, Brennah.

I am actually very new to this lass. I haven’t really heard of her before and I am not sure how did that happen. It is my lucky day today, too.

First, I took some time to learn more about Brennah, most importantly, her body, and now, I am here, spreading the extraordinary discovery with you. Or am I even allowed to say it like that?

While Brennah Black is a model, she is quite familiar with being an actress as well. In her prosperous and thriving career, Black appeared in Maxim Australia and Playboy Italia amongst many other publications. She collaborated with a lot of notable international brands, like 138 Water, Sephora and Andi Bagus to name a few.

Hailing from Texas, Brennah Black later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion. She was first recognized at the age of eleven at a children’s fashion show. From then on, Brennah was actively traveling the US shooting campaigns, TV spots and all that comes along.

In high school, Black took a break but returned to modeling and acting once in college. She started accepting more and more gigs before Brennah Black finally made the move to LA and pursued her dream career full-time.

Nowadays, you can enjoy Brennah’s fully stacked Instagram that will leave you to salivate for hours to come. That said, Black keeps on publishing loads of inviting and seductive pictures of herself, dressed, in a bikini and even fully naked. Let’s together enjoy the sexiness that is named Brennah Black.


  1. Blaine says:

    Hot chick, really awful at witty captions though

  2. rokr says:

    How are you feeling about today?

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