Hottie of the week – Francesca Farago

francesca farago

Whenever I go to Italy, I see many hot women like Francesca Farago is. Seriously, dude, there are a ton of smoking hot babes walking around. And if you happen to be at the beach, you better watch your boner.

No doubt, Francesca is one luscious girl with a toned and tanned body that will get your eyes as big as sausages. To be frank, I am not really sure where Farago is from, but I guess she is a Canadian Italian. One thing is for sure, she is sexy and that is what matters most.

By the way, just like every vegan will tell you that he or she is plant-based, Francesca Farago is no different. Not that I am against vegans or whatever, I barely eat any meat as well, I just find it a little silly.

What’s more, Francesca Farago is obsessed with traveling all around the globe. One day she is here and the next day she is on the other side of the world. And if you would like to be updated with where Francesca is, make sure you follow her Instagram profile and do not miss any of her posts and stories.

In short, if you are new to Francesca, you will thank us that we just crowned her our hottie of the week. It is our tradition that we bring your fresh beauties from all around the world to kick off a new week in style each and every single Monday. No skipping!

Today, do yourself a favor and enjoy some Italian blood. Francesca’s exotic looks, fake boobs, tight ass and delicious belly are to die for. Please your needs, drink a detox tee or grab a vegan burger, whatever you prefer, Francesca is always there to remind you of her beauty.

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Ainโ€™t that the truth

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Missing you @sripanwa ๐Ÿ’˜ #Phuket

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  1. rokr says:

    How hot is this vegan?

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