Hottie of the week – Kelsey Calemine

kelsey calemine

With a massive Instagram account that Kelsey Calemine sports, there is a good chance you already are familiar with
fatherkels. That is her Insta handle and if you aren’t already, feel free to follow our hottie of the week and enjoy her life. You will get to enjoy her day to day madness through all the pictures Kelsey shares on this photo sharing platform.

One major breakthrough Kelsey and her online fame witnessed was when Lucy Hale posted a picture of Kelsey to her profile. As you may notice, Kelsey Calemine looks very similar to Lucy, as well as Kylie Jenner. We could say that Kelsey is a 50-50 mix of Lucy and Kylie. It is almost shocking to see the similarity between the three. Just after Lucy’s post, Kelsey’s popularity skyrocketed over night, and the rest was history. A new Instagram sensation was born and she keeps on growing stronger and stronger. Later on, Kelsey even got featured in an interview for the Galore magazine what helped her further expand her fan base.

But even before the post by Lucy and the Galore feature, Kelsey already had over 300,000 followers. She definitely knew damn well how to grow a loyal audience. To make a long story short, it all happened through a clever selection of pictures which Kelsey used for her photo blogging strategy. You know what they say, “never too young to teach and never too old to learn.” That said, you might learn something new while flipping through a collection of photos models like Kelsey use to scale up their profiles.

Young and adorable Kelsey Calemine was born on January 14, 1999, and lives in Los Angeles, California. The cute superstar has a younger brother and is said that she is in a relationship with Asher Brown. Unfortunately, not much is known about Kelsey even despite the fact that she has well over 1 million followers on Instagram. It truly is inspiring seeing how well these fresh Insta models are keeping their lives private.


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What you will notice from Kelsey’s Instagram is that she is traveling quite a lot. Her body is slender and her legs long. Being as skinny as she is, Kelsey has a nice pair of breast and a tiny and lovely ass. Her signature bold eyebrows will have you hooked immediately. If not the eyebrows then definitely her full lips or her mesmerizing eyebrows.

To get you even more familiar with this cutie, we hand collected some of the sexiest Kelsey Calemine’s pictures. We might even add some more later on since she just turned 18 earlier this year.


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beach house for the weekend, also attempted to dye my hair blue

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pretty pink

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lookin like a dad, on my fatherkels shit

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can you tell i'm excited

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pg 13

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lookin like a real bitch in this one

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  1. jay says:

    do u like em big, thick, n hairy?

  2. dony peluca says:


  3. arshad says:

    you so hot angel .. I want to bite you can you accept

  4. Christian Savard says:


  5. Marty McDee says:

    Nah, shes look a good feed wouldn’t kill her.

  6. jean-claude says:

    bonjour tres jolie fille bien mignone!!

  7. Coiso says:

    muito linda

  8. احمد says:

    انها جيدة وقوامها جميل ومثيرة للمتعة مالحنس

  9. steve d loveland says:

    Wow she is way cute ,

  10. Tom Steele says:

    Very Lovely Looking Lady

  11. Ism says:

    what should I do with that ?

  12. hamoudy says:

    i can fly to the moon to see u spical live or send me ur skyp i will be ur forever

  13. rokr says:

    How sexy is Kelsey?

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