Hottie of the week – Lee Martos

lee martos

If you would like to enjoy some fresh faces, you better check out Lee Martos.

This brunette hottie is outstanding.

Her body is slim and slender; however, Lee’s ass is perfectly rounded and her boobs ideal for cupping.

While you could not find much information on who Lee actually is, the following two details might be more than enough to get us going forward. From her writing alone, Lee must be somewhere from Spain.

Moreover, Lee is also a Suicide Girl, meaning, you know where you can find nudes of her.

However, every once in a while, you will even find Lee Martos publish a naked picture of herself to her Instagram profile, too.

It is more than obvious that she does not show the goodies; however, her frame is more than enough to get the juices flowing.

Additionally, Lee also has a bunch of tattoos and a pierced nose. I was trying to figure out where or not her nipples are pierced, too, but I believe they are not. What do you say? Does Lee have her nipples pierced or not?

What’s more, it is no secret that Lee Martos is also a singer. And on some of her shows, she has her dress so tight and short, you can see her butt cheeks clearly. No complaints!

In addition to that, I bet Lee is also a fan of the green stuff. Is it just me, or is Mary Jane becoming more and more popular once again? I remember, well, 15 years ago, everyone was smoking. Then it somewhat died out. Now, again, it seems everyone is puffing.

Anyhow, if you are into a lady who does things her own, original and unique way, go ahead and take a peek at Lee Martos. Not to mention, follow her on Instagram and enjoy all the raunchy images she posts on a regular basis.

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Smoke braids

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I wish you all a great day

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  1. hjok says:

    are there any nude vids of her?

  2. rokr says:

    Does Lee have her nipples pierced?

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