How Adult Actress Sara Jay Lost Her Virginity

how sara jay lost virginity

Sara Jay probably lost her virginity later than you

When it comes to pornstars, many think that they had sex for the first time at a very young age. Not only that, they think they were molested or abused or whatever at an early age. Where did all this thinking even came from?

People, what you are about to watch and hear may shock you.
There has been a big misconception between your thinking and the way how adult actresses actually role. And Sara is about to make things clear. Sure, some may have had sex in their early teens but what I have found is that it’s more likely that they popped their cherries in their late teens. I know, it is hard to believe but it just happens to be that that is the cruel reality. If you think she is a slut, well, there is a greater chance that you are sluttier when speaking about the year when you lost your virginity.


It only happened – listen carefully – at the age of eighteen for Sara Jay. You may start wondering why in the world did she wait for that long. She explains it all in details.

When she was seventeen she was dating this older guy and he may have been still married (but separated). Oops. She met him a the grocery store where they were both working at. They used to mess around quite a bit. For instance, Sara would give him head before and after work. What a lucky dude. I bet she was employee of the week every week. Wouldn’t you be thrilled and excited about work if you would knew a hot chick is ready to blow your cock twice a day?

But to actually seal the deal, Jay waited until she was eighteen. Only to make sure he would not get in any kind of trouble. Good girl.

Up until this point, Sara wasn’t really attracted to anyone enough to even think about having sex with them.


It was her eighteen birthday and she was grounded (for a couple months!). Bad, bad teenager. The first thing she did when her mother let her out, was to rush over to where her boyfriend was staying. And that was where his wife was living. All this is getting really messed up.

On that very day, there was all bunch of stuff going on in the neighborhood. Gunshots going on, ambulance, cop cars, you name it, a real chaos if you will. Not only that, there was even a Mike Tyson fight going on on TV. She just could not have managed to pick a worse day for fucking.

During the whole time they were having sex, he was on top of her, watching the Mike Tyson fight on the TV behind them. So romantic. With all the chaos going on, Sara Jay wasn’t even sure if she came. It wasn’t terrible so to say. She did not break her cherry. “There was no cherry to be broken.” Long story short, it wasn’t at all exciting. Poor girl waited all that time and at the end, the sex wasn’t even good.

Is it actually worth waiting until the 18th birthday to have sex? To each his own, I guess.

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If you are curious how Sara Jay got into the adult entertainment business, look no further. She reveals it all in the video below.


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    Sex me my dick

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    Very Sexy

  3. rokr says:

    18 is kind of late, don’t you think?
    I know that might be too personal of a question but when did you lose your virginity?

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