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October 18, 2018
jessa blue

Jessa Blue Inspects Her Brother’s Balls And Gets Fucked

Living with her parents and her stepbrother, Jessa Blue works as a nurse. She has a lot of fun with her work because she gets to see a lot of dicks on a daily basis. When guys walk in, wanting to have their dicks or balls checked, that is Jessa’s […]
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October 17, 2018
curvy pornstars

17 Hottest Curvy Pornstars For Pure Pleasure 2018

No doubt, curvy pornstars are secretly our favorite. You might say this and you might say that, at the end of the day, we all know that voluptuous and thick bodies are out of this world. And when she rides a massive rod or swallows it deep down her throat, […]
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October 16, 2018
things not to ask pornstars

6 Things You Should Never Say To Pornstars

 There is a funny video by BBC Three where a bunch of adult performers chat about 6 things you should not say to pornstars. Can you guess what these may be? Well, some are quite obvious while the others, well, even adult actors and actresses themselves do not have […]
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October 15, 2018
nicky gile

Hottie of the week – Nicky Gile

If a sexy girl next door is your cup of tea, Nicky Gile is the young lady you will become obsessed with. Thanks to her super popular Instagram account, she keeps on entertaining her following base on a daily basis. The truth is, there is never enough of Nicky. She […]
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October 12, 2018
brooke candy my sex

My Sex Music Video From Brooke Candy Is Absurd

If you are interested in watching some next level shit, you better watch Brooke Candy’s new music video, “My Sex.” First and foremost, it features Pussy Riot, Mykki Blanco and MNDR. Not that I really know any of the artists, including Brooke. The thing is, what you are about to […]
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October 10, 2018
dirty buggers 8mm porn loops and anal header graphic

8mm Porn Loops And Anal

It is widely understood in these modern times that inviting somebody over to “watch Netflix and chill” is an invitation for sex. And by “widely understood” I mean there’s a Know Your Meme entry for it. But long before Netflix, long before DVDs, hell, long before even VCRs made it […]
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October 9, 2018
monique woods

Monique Woods Blonde Wife Fucks a Huge Black Cock

If you like smoking hot blonde bombshells, then you will love Monique Woods. She has a tight body and perky boobs that bounce up and down when she gets fucked. Monique is a real head-turner and most guys get a hard-on whenever they see her walking around wearing short skirts. […]
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October 8, 2018
karina avakyan

Hottie of the week – Karina Avakyan

You have seen a lot of ladies already in our Hottie of the week feature but none comes close to Karina Avakyan. In fact, all the women we feature are stunning, amazing and out of this world, not to mention, unique. And Karina is no different. From her name alone, […]
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October 4, 2018
hot foreplay ideas

16 Hot Foreplay Ideas By Your Favorite Pornstars 2018

If you need special foreplay ideas to surprise your lady with something novel, watch what pornstars enjoy in the most. After all, you do want to warm up a woman properly otherwise she won’t be having so much fun when you fuck her. You need to be solid in all […]
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October 3, 2018
buxom stepmom

Buxom Stepmom Teaches Teens How To Fuck

No one ever knew that buxom stepmom, Cathy Heaven, will actually teach her stepdaughter and her lover how to fuck properly. You got to learn from the best and never miss on the opportunity when it arrises. Just let yourself loose and go with the flow. This one time, when […]
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