June 27, 2019
sensual anal sex

Sensual Anal Sex With A Black Stud For Voluptuous Blonde

Luring in this hot black dude with her amazing body, piercings, tattoos and general amazing look, Karina is in for an outstanding sensual anal sex session with this well-hung dude. Every forbidden action taken by these two lovers gets more and more heated with every second this situation unfolds. This […]
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June 25, 2019

What Could Go Wrong During Licking Pussy? [Infographic]

And you thought nothing can go wrong during eating her out BROUGHT TO YOU BY VPORN.COM. DO YOU LIKE THE INFOGRAPHIC? EMBED IT INTO YOUR WEBSITE Simply copy and paste the code below: <a href="https://blogvporn.com/what-could-go-wrong-during-licking-pussy/" target="_blank"> <img border="0" alt="What Could Go Wrong During Licking Pussy? [Infographic]" src="https://blogvporn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/what-could-go-wrong-during-licking-pussy.jpg" width="1200" height="3643"></a><br/><span style="font-size: […]
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June 24, 2019
destiny kaye

Hottie of the week – Destiny Kaye

We might have no idea who Destiny Kaye actually is, but it’s the sexy pictures that matter the most. However, you know how the saying goes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Well, when it comes to Destiny, her images are worth more like ten thousand words. […]
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June 20, 2019
sexy tattooed babe

Sexy Tattooed Babe Katrina Fucked After A Hot Bath

 After a few moments of child-like fun, this sexy tattooed babe gets bored with the solo action, she was having on her bed, and continues towards the bathroom. What for? To wash off all those dirty thoughts. The ones that have been piling up in her while she was […]
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June 18, 2019
woman in white stockings with a dick in her ass and another dick in her pussy -- vintage porn photo

Double Penetration: Double Your Fun!

More than fifteen years ago when I was a brand new sex blogger, I got in a hilarious blog argument about double penetration. (Let me digress. For you youngsters: a “blog argument” predates modern social media. People would argue back and forth between their blogs, posting public remarks about what […]
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