November 25, 2019
bruna rangel lima

Hottie of the week – Bruna Rangel Lima

When you see Bruna Rangel Lima’s outstanding ass, you question yourself: Is it real? Ladies and gets, that bubble butt is as real as you and me. In fact, so many peeps were in doubt whether or not it is fake, Bruna shot a video explaining that her body is […]
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November 19, 2019
sneering and whipping

Vintage Femdom Porn

This is not really a post about femdom porn. Because I don’t really know femdom porn. I’m not an expert! It’s not my kink. But I’ve been collecting porn for damn near forty years (if stealing dirty magazines from tree forts counts, which it damn well does). In that kind […]
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November 18, 2019
tammy hembrow

Hottie of the week – Tammy Hembrow

If you are ready to be blown away, you are prepared for the one and only, Tammy Hembrow. Ah, this Australian chick is to die for. While her body is insanely hot, it becomes even hotter once you read the next sentence. Read carefully – Tammy is a mother of […]
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November 14, 2019
liz katz

Hottie of the week – Liz Katz

Yes, yes, and triple YES, there are smoking hot gamer girls out there, and Liz Katz is good proof. Ah, this lady is like she would not be from our planet. Well, it just might happen that she is not. Fun fact: do you know that you can even find […]
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November 12, 2019
potgirls banner

Revisiting Potgirls

A couple of years ago in my Rule 34 post I made a passing reference to potgirls, sometimes also called ladypots. It’s an obscure fetish, but in the internet porn space, not much is truly rare. I got curious about the history and origin of the potgirl fetish so I […]
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