June 11, 2019
deep throat steps

5 Successful Deep Throat Steps For Your Girl To Master [Infographic]

Going balls deep in a hot wet pussy is a great way to pass the time but have you ever considered the same approach when it comes to oral sex? Don’t get me wrong, blow jobs are great. But, once you’ve found a girl that’s prepared to master deep throat, […]
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April 25, 2019
bottle game spin the bottle orgy banner

Spin The Bottle For An Orgy!

Do youngsters these days still play Spin The Bottle? Do horny college kids, full of fresh sex hormones, still use the spinning bottle as an excuse for group make-out parties? Just in case some reader does not know the game: if the neck of the bottle stops, pointing at you, […]
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April 17, 2019
pussy with hair banner

Once Upon A Time, Pussies Had Hair

Did you know that once upon a time, pussies had hair on them? I’m mostly not talking about hair on the pussies that you, personally, get to fuck. Even if you’re a youngster, it’s possible you might be seeing natural pubic hair “in the wild” in 2019. Genuine unshaven pussies […]
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April 2, 2019
stereotypical stranger-in-an-alley rape drawn in comic book style

When Rape Was Comical

Recently while browsing an archive of “funny” comics I was struck by how often and how easily rape was offered as a theme, a plot, or punchline. These were not retro caveman comics from the benighted 1950s, no! This was late 20th century material, drawn in the 1990s, from enlightened […]
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March 14, 2019
pussy wins banner

Pussy Always Wins

In my last post here at the VPornBlog I made two points about sex robots: They don’t exist yet, not even in the most primitive form; and The first ones we do see are likely to be terrifying dick-forward military rape machines, so don’t you go cheering for them to […]
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Vporn Education Section

Since we are firm believers that pornography, mixed with sex education, can be highly beneficial for you, the launch of Vporn Blog’s Educational section was highly needed. While searching that right teacher to tutor you about sex, blowjobs, how to lick a pussy and other whatnots, look no further. Get all the tips, tricks and guidance from the best in the world. Sometimes, that does not mean from an actual adult actress/actor. Not to mention, it does not always need to be dead serious when learning new stuff. Just like lovemaking is fun, let’s make the educational part of it fun and entertaining, too. Bring out the laughter and joy and experiment with new things as much as possible. Join us on this awesome learning journey through videos and articles from current and ex- pornstars, as well as sex eds. Hint: you can always become an even better lover than you already are.