November 30, 2016
how to please a man

How To Please A Man, The Anatomy Of Male Pleasure

Just as women are complicated when it comes to getting them aroused and orgasm, it’s important to learn how to please a man, too. Sure, getting a dude rock solid is way easier that making a babe wet and her clit swell. What to say, we guys are very simple […]
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November 29, 2016

ICanLickIt Porn Blog Feeds You With Daily Naughty Fix

Whether you are a person who likes a variety of explicit content, or you are in only for the pornography, ICanLickIt porn blog has your daily naughty fix sorted. Slowly approaching its three-year mark, we can say that the site is around for a nice little while. With hundreds and […]
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November 28, 2016
julia gilas

Hottie of the week – Julia Gilas

All the beautiful people out there, a new week is here and so is our hottie of the week, Julia Gilas. I am really excited to have her featured on the Vporn blog since she is one hell of a cat. Julia is in her thirties now and she still […]
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November 25, 2016
jessie rogers porn videos

Jessie Rogers Porn Videos To Reminisce Her Talent

True porn fans sure do remember adult actress Jessie Rogers. I should actually say, ex-adult actress. She is in the adult entertainment industry no more but do we truly miss her? Today gives us the best opportunity to reminisce her talent. Whether you love her for her sex performance or […]
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November 23, 2016
dick pics

Dick Pics Stories By Your Favorite Pornstars

You can imagine that pornstars get a ton of dick pics. They receive like thousands and thousands of photos of your penises on a daily basis. True story. However, do they actually enjoy receiving them? Not really. As a matter of fact, they are normally left in disgust when they […]
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