November 29, 2016

ICanLickIt Porn Blog Feeds You With Daily Naughty Fix

Whether you are a person who likes a variety of explicit content, or you are in only for the pornography, ICanLickIt porn blog has your daily naughty fix sorted. Slowly approaching its three-year mark, we can say that the site is around for a nice little while. With hundreds and […]
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November 28, 2016
julia gilas

Hottie of the week – Julia Gilas

All the beautiful people out there, a new week is here and so is our hottie of the week, Julia Gilas. I am really excited to have her featured on the Vporn blog since she is one hell of a cat. Julia is in her thirties now and she still […]
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November 22, 2016

Add Emoji To Titles And Descriptions Of Uploaded Videos

Did you know that the 2015 Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year was the “face with tears of joy” emoji? Not long ago we were still using words; nowadays we are getting lazier and lazier, using only emoticons in our text conversations. Sure, it is funny but are we really […]
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November 21, 2016
simona mihiela

Hottie of the week – Simona Mihiela

If tattooed and very rebellious girls are your thing, then you will going to love Romanian model, Simona Mihiela. This chick is on another level. I know, I say that every girl is the best and the hottest, but hey, what am I to do. I am just a simple […]
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November 16, 2016
things strippers think about

13 Things Strippers Think About When On Stage

Can you guess the things strippers think about when on stage? We all know what you, as a viewer, think about when the stripper appears on the stage, but have you ever wondered what she thinks about when performing a sexy show for the crowd? Below you will find 13 […]
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