Dani Daniels’ Billion Dollar Coffee Blend

dani daniels billion dollar coffe

It does not happen every day that I am blending coffee with porn. I am late on this news but I do not really care. It was announced on National Coffee Day that yours truly, Dani Daniels, collaborated with Currency Coffee and put on pre-sale her very own blend of coffee. Why I do not care? Because coffee day is every day, period.

Have you ever sipped on your favorite cup of joe while watching pornography? I did. As a matter of fact, I am sipping on a cup of black at this very moment. It is 100% arabica. Do you?

While Dani is one of the top adult performers, who would have thought that she would ever release her own blend of java? There is a first time for everything. Even for porn and coffee.

Anyhow, there is a good chunk of the human population that simply cannot go with a cup of hot morning jolt to kick off the day in style. And Dani Daniels just happens to be one of them. According to Dani, “porn stars survive on coffee – it keeps us going on set and off.” I can imagine. Dani’s favorite brew is hot and black (no sugar?). Surprisingly, I like it that way, too. Indeed, zero sugar! Sugar is for the weak.

Award-winning adult actress, Dani, teamed up with Currency Coffee to come up with a special blend of bean juice. The kind, “to give you that jolt you need to start your day or keep you going after fucking all night!” I am sure its smell tingles your spine and makes body juices going just as well.

It is called Dani’s Billion Dollar blend and it is a mixture of Ethiopian and Sumatran coffees. Just a sip of it and the first caffeine kick hits you strong at whatever time of the day you need it most. Never miss it.

Dani’s Billion Dollar blend sells at $50 for two 1 lb bags of either whole bean or grounded. Freshly roasted and send straight to you to warm up your thirsty tummies.

To tease you, Dani says that you know you always wanted her in your mouth. Now you can drink her to jump-start your day.

In the future, they are planning two more blends, Breakfast With Dani and Dani’s Dark Secret. I am especially intrigued by the latter. Words “dark” and “secret” always grab my attention and make me hungry to know more.

If you need fresh coffee at this very moment, you better hit up your local store to get it ASAP. Because Dani’s blend will still need a short while before it begins shipping out. You should not be missing a cup of java, not even for a single day.

Of course, it is time now for all of us to brew a new cup of joe and enjoy ourselves in some Dani Daniels porn action. Instead of going on a hunt for the videos, I compiled a little collection of Dani’s XXX video that will spice up your alone coffee time. You are welcome.

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