How to Become a Male Pornstar [Infographic]

The best tips on how to become a male pornstar

how to become a male pornstar

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If you have ever wondered how to become a male pornstar, you came to the right place. Instead of just jotting down all the information, we went the extra mile with an infographic.

While working in adult entertainment might not be as lucrative as it once was, it is here to stay – Forever. There is going to be one way or another to please our sexual desires with explicit content.

That said, many guys are looking for a safe way of entering the porn industry.

However, many are only interested in fucking the hottest women in this world. And if that is the case for you, well, forget it. There is almost no way to enter the Smut business with a mentality like that.

After all, working in porn is just like any other work, just that you are having sex for money. Sure, this sounds like the best thing in the world, but is it really?

Let me tell you one thing, it is not all fun and games. Hey, I just want to be as transparent as possible.

Just like in the mainstream world, the adult entertainment industry requires a ton of work to become successful. Not just that, but it is highly beneficial if you are good looking, have an athletic body and, indeed, an above-average shaft. Still, none of this is necessary, it’s just the American way.

11 Ways to become a male pornstar

1. Attractive body (no need to be athletic but it sure does help)

The most important characteristic: self-confidence.

2. You need to be born under a lucky star

If you feel lucky all day, every day, you might get into the porn business.

3. Get a girlfriend who works in the industry, even better, is a pornstar

But then there’s a question: How do you make a pornstar your girlfriend?

4. At least 6 inches (8+ inches ideally)

Anything above-average FTW unless you plan to do some fetish stuff.

5. But really, stamina is even more important than the size


6. You need to know how to get and maintain erections quickly and on request

Practice, practice, practice.

7. You need to know how to hold your orgasm

More practice.

8. You need to be comfortable with doing “gay” stuff, like two guys rubbing their balls together during a double penetration

Sometimes, a hot pornstar can even end up with both of your cocks in her mouth. Yikes.

9. Shooting porn = A lot of work

It might not be a traditional 9-to-5 job, still, expect to be on set for long hours.

10. When starting out, you might keep your old job. Do not expect to do porn full-time right away

This is when you might need to start living two lives.

11. You can hit the button “apply” freely on almost any porn studio’s website

That’s the easy part.

Note: If you just want to hang out with pornstars, attend a convention.

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