Top 10 Kinkiest Cities In The United States

kinkiest cities in the united states

Your favorite bondage and BDSM porn site, Kink, releases their annual report of the top 10 kinkiest cities in the United States. Find out how kinky is your city. Are you part of the community?

The first study was made back in 2015 and the results came out quite different compared to this year’s edition. Roughly said, 25% of all of the cities (50) witnessed growth of the kink community. Does Trump has anything to do with it? Or maybe it is because of the release of the 50 Shades of Grey? Or is it maybe because people started to realize that kinky sex makes them more creative?
I dunno man, whatever the reason, I am happy that the community is growing.

According to Kink, they analyzed several factors what helped them better understand which city in the United States is the kinkiest. They looked at kink resources, like bars, retailers and dungeons, the overall size of the kink population, as well as kink-friendly doctors, lawyers and therapists. To this, they added visits to their site and sub-sites and purchases of the pleasure products.

Let’s find out which are the kinkiest cities in the US, beginning with the winner.

1. Los Angeles

The number of kinksters more than doubled since the first 50 Shades movie came out back it 2015.

2. New York

The Big Apple came at a close second with a super large kink community. Makes sense since being the largest city in the US, right?

3. Portland

Well, Portland obviously is not only famous for its hipster population but kinksters too. Is it possible that kink is becoming the new hipster?

4. San Francisco

SF was on the top list of the kinkiest cities in the US, however, it lost the fans and landed on the fourth place.

5. Chicago

It might has the largest kink community in the nation but compared to the overall city population, the community is not that big anymore.

6. Las Vegas

Surprisingly, there aren’t that many kinky sex enthusiasts in the Las Vegas. Is it because porn is moving away from the city or is it because they are too busy producing it?

7. Atlanta

A whopping 7.5% of the population has a profile on the Fetlife, the Facebook for the BDSM and fetish community. I believe I don’t have to say anything else.

8. Washington

Like they say, without a doubt, “Politicians love their secrets.” Since the last conducted study by Kink from 2015, there are 36% more kink enthusiasts today.

9. Boston

35 thousand Fetlife members and on the fourth place in visitors to per capita.

10. Austin

With the population of one million, Austin is, surprisingly, quite strong in the BDSM, fetish and kink scene.

Now you know which are the top ten kinkiest cities in the United States. Is yours on the list?

Moreover, the below infogram will show you which is the most popular sex toy in the United States by the state.

It is definitely beneficial to experiment with your sex as much as you like. This way, it will never become boring. Introduce some fetish and kink act in it and spice things up even further.
One advice, always communicate with your partner what you like and what you don’t like and vice versa.

As mentioned earlier, it was said that kinky sex affects your creativity in a good way. If nothing else, it does not hurt having fun with it. Not to mention, a research found that BDSM can reduce anxiety and stress and promotes bonding.

All this being said, make sure you are always having fun and enjoying it to the fullest. Whether you are using something ticklish, or you are a master of rope play, do whatever feels right for you and your partner.


  1. rokr says:

    How kinky are you? Is your city on the list?

    • sinfulway321 says:

      since my uncle died, my aunt has become a licensed funeral diredtor in order to better serve the family business, we have been doing S & M since i was 11 yrs old and she started taking me into the bathroom with her to do incredibly nasty things to my cock and balls while pissing in my face, and making me lick her dry. she applies a bristle tube to my dick and I come when my toungue tastes her nectar, I am punished for the least infractions

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