Lui Magazine Calendar For A Fine 2017 Wall Decoration

lui magazine calendar

The New Year is just around the corner what makes it the perfect timing to grab a copy of the 2017 Lui Magazine calendar. Start the year of 2017 strong with four super hot models, flashing their titties and asses. No pussy, unfortunately.
You might be old-school, or you might be new-school, either way, a nice wall decoration is always a must. Sort of.
Since you like naked chicks just as much as myself, do yourself a favor and place a sexy calendar to your wall. Add the new addition to your bedroom so you will always wake up with a big smile. Seeing a gorgeous, half-naked, girl first thing in the morning calls for a successful day.

That is exactly how I roll in the morning. I have a hot calendar placed strategically in my bedroom so I cannot miss that tight ass or a pair of adorable boobs first thing upon waking up.
You will thank me later.

The 2017 edition of the Lui Magazine calendar features four ladies who each is decorating three months of the calendar. They are Anais Mali, Barbara Palvin, Elsa Hosk and Hilary Rhoda. Anyone familiar with the misses? Names like these four are well-known to all of us. Who would have thought that you can now have them with you throughout the whole next year. Whenever you will feel down and in pain, you look at her and she will bring joy and happiness to your body and soul. Moreover, she might also remember you about your next doctor’s appointment or the big feast at your friend’s place. Never miss a thing!

Clean the walls and make space for the 2017 Lui Magazine calendar

However, with a magazine as huge as Lui is, I was really surprised when I saw only four models decorating their 2017 calendar. I was sure each month of the year will feature a different model. I mean don’t they have enough material? Are they tight on budget? Was this a last minute idea to quickly throw something together to earn extra money? Who in the world is still buying calendars? Hint: I am.

Anyhow, one girl, four girls, twelve girls, in doesn’t really matter for as long as they are hot and bring a smile to your face.
In the gallery bellow, you can find all twelve pictures from the 2017 Lui Magazine calendar.

If I were to pick my favorite photo, I believe I would go with August and Anais Mali. Ebony chick, perky tits, slim body – do I even need to say anything else? Oh yes, the month of August kicks ass!


  1. docmabuse says:

    of course, I also likes calendars , and, I bought Maxim Wall calendar 2017 for my self ( my girl friend likes it too ) but, unluckily, my ideal calendar – is only on my own computers 🙂 or you could watch it in some Vegas or Amsterdam Lap and Table dance club

    I wish you a happy new year full of love, harmony and prosperity and of course, new and awesome porno movies !

    • rokr says:

      Awesome! 🙂
      I like the Miss Reef calendar the most, actually. You should definitely check it out, but I believe they did not make it for 2017.

      All the best and tons of success in 2017!

      • docmabuse says:

        Miss Reef Calendars are truly beautiful ! , but, yes you’ re correct they don’t have broadcast the 2017 edition…..
        You might work on ” Vporn ” 2018 calendar 🙂

  2. rokr says:

    Who in the house is still buying calendars?
    As mentioned earlier, I am. Are you?

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