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December 7, 2017
fruit boosts oral sex

Fruit Can Boost Oral Sex And Make You Taste Better

How to have more oral sex and make your cock and pussy taste better? Eat more fruits! Eating fruit is not only good for your health, but it can enhance oral sex, too. However, I am not talking about wolfing down a chunk of apple. It is more about the […]
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July 6, 2017
sophie turner oral sex

Sophie Turner Learns About Oral Sex From Game Of Thrones

Now a 21-year-old famous actress, Sophie Turner learned a whole bunch of things from Game of Thrones, including oral sex. Sophie was a young lass, only 12 when she auditioned for the highly popular video series, Game of Thrones. In just three years, her life pretty much changed forever. From […]
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July 26, 2016
sensual blowjob porn videos

Hottest Sensual Blowjob Porn Videos By Sexy Women

Though you probably like faster dick sucking motions, every so often, a sensual blowjob is a must. Slow and gentle, yet mega intimate and passionate, that’s how it should look like. To give you an even better idea, how a blow job of this kind should look like, we gathered […]
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