Fruit Can Boost Oral Sex And Make You Taste Better

fruit boosts oral sex

How to have more oral sex and make your cock and pussy taste better? Eat more fruits!

Eating fruit is not only good for your health, but it can enhance oral sex, too. However, I am not talking about wolfing down a chunk of apple. It is more about the sexy way of eating a fruit like you see in the movies. Doesn’t that arouse you? That said, incorporate sucking and licking fruits while watching each other. Many men find it extremely hot watching a girl eating a banana. It makes them visualize their penis and how she is giving them head. Am I right? I cannot speak for the ladies, however, apparently, they like watching men playing with foods like fruits, too.

We would do anything to experience more oral sex in our lives, wouldn’t we? It just feels so damn good. Both eating a lady out and receiving the most fulfilling blowjob.

According to the sex therapist, Sydney McGill, couples can now boost their oral sex by watching each other eat fruit. The tasty mangos, the delicious kiwis and all other juiciness. Your mouth might get full of saliva only by reading this. I am sure your juices start flowing when you imagine a girl having some fun with a chunk of watermelon.

Sydney says, “Any fruit that requires a sucking motion to eat, would help to enhance oral pleasure. It would require an intentional effort of sucking hard on the (mango) seed and using the tip of the tongue to roll the seed on the roof of the mouth to make the tongue muscles more agile over time.” Meaning, women also use fruit for practice, like bananas and cucumbers. So much you can do with fruit other than just eating it.

Since we are already speaking about oral sex and fruits, there is another thing that fruit has a positive impact on. Let me continue with a few questions. Girls, have you ever wondered how to make your vag taste good? And guys, you do know how to make your dick taste better, don’t you? You probably know already where all this is getting to. Indeed, eat more fruits and you will be tastier. But does eating a pineapple really make you taste better? For now, we do not have any scientific proofs, but every lady who was with a vegetarian or a meat eater can sense the difference. But even veggies, like asparagus, can decrease the tastiness of your juices.

But porn in science after all. Who better to ask if food and diet have an impact on semen than the former pornstar, Annie Sprinkle. Tasting hundreds of men, Annie says that vegetarians taste the best. Roughly said, foods and drinks that are good for us are likely to make us taste better. Of course, that is not always the case. While garlic is super healthy, it might make you taste garlicky.

What you will get from this article is that introducing more fruits to your lives will be of great benefit. Not only will you be healthier, you will also taste yummier and there is a great chance that you will also experience more oral sex.

Here are my two cents. If you two are open-minded and like to experiment, do the following. Pick up a fruit (or vegetable) and eat it for a few days straight. Does any of you feel a difference in how you taste? If not, increase the portion or move to another fruit. Start with the good old pineapple, move to mangos, kiwis and then eat pasta with a strong garlic sauce. That might give you a better understanding what improves the taste and what makes it worse.

One last thing. Before eating it, make sure to play with fruit, suck it, lick it and boost the oral sex through the roof.


  1. Joeyzup says:

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  2. rokr says:

    Do you play with fruits?

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