The Dark Secrets Of Male Pornstars

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I have heard men mumbling around about how easy it is for male pornstars. You just get there, fuck a bitch, and someone records it. Your face is not even shown in most of the movies! It’s such a pity how people underestimate pornstars’ work, and this is why I did a little research. It turns out that things are not very colorful behind the scenes but dark and shady.

Hard Work

Most porn stars interviewed on last year’s Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) share that it is not easy to stay hard for a long time as a working day of a porn star is rarely less than 5 hours, and the recording of an adult content video takes three to four days! Most of them call their priority to remain erected ‘a real challenge’! It does not sound that easy, right?

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Pills And Potions…Sometimes Male Pornstars Are Overdosing

A thing that has never been a secret- x-rated movie actors do use medical aid. Kayden Kross shares that this is a regular practice in this industry just as much as the fact that while recording a video, the lubrication of actresses is almost never natural but somebody is adding it in the right moment when needed. You know…No woman can remain wet for up to five hours!
Of course, this has a lot of side effects for these men’s body such as ringing in the ears, bad vision, a sudden loss of sight or hearing, and even irregular heartbeat! K. Kross also reveals that for the last year of her practice in the industry, three of her partners in movies had been brought to the emergency room with a heart problem.

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   What is even scarier is what many of the male pornstars share – most males in this professional field jump up to real drugs. I will keep this anonymous as it is not something openly accepted, still a widespread practice… Sometimes this is the only way to keep it hard for a whole filming session! How can you know if this is a natural erection, one from Viagra or one from drugs? A cock on drugs does not dig in situations where the natural erection and the medically stimulated one digs!
The first question I had on my mind was, ‘How safe is it to have cum infused with such substances all over your face or in your pussy?’ Still, no really sure but this is probably the reason why this practice is forbidden, except the fact that it is illegal…

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Male Pornstars Cry Too

Excluding the long period, a man is expected to keep it hard on videos. I was really curious whether there are any other reasons for all these health-devastating actions. It turns out men have feelings? What a surprise, huh?! Men need at least some kind of intimacy with their partner to keep it hard just for five minutes. And what is left for hours of work… In pornography, there is no room for intimacy. It is all just work.
Another challenge male pornstars face is the whole filming crew. All these people are telling the actors to move this way or that way, shed light in their eyes, and most of all, they are watching every second with a few cameras which film every possible angle of the scene. Actors have no choice to be tired, frustrated, or physically unable to do their job. They just have to fuck.

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Apart from all these challenges males in this industry meet every day in their professional life, there is another factor – the pressure. You may be very good at your job. Many people may love and enjoy your work. You may be easily fitting with different partners. However, just a couple of fails in the wrong moment can be the triggering factor. Like you being kicked out of the industry and people forget you only in a couple of months. A few fails can ruin your whole career regardless of how much effort you put into building it!

After sharing the dark secrets about males in pornography, I appreciate much higher their work! For most male pornstars it is a hard job and controls all their life. Despite the disadvantages of it, it is probably nice to fuck for the camera. Perhaps it is fun to be in this field but it takes a lot. If you still want to give it a shot, there are many people, who will be pleased to enjoy your work and see that hard cock in action!

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