Vibease Remote Control Vibrator Syncs With Erotic Audiobook


As complicated as the title for this excellent new vibrator, Vibease, might be, it’s actually quite simple to understand the gist of it. You have a vibrator that is remote controlled while you enjoy your favorite erotic fiction. Hands free! That’s correct, you don’t need to do anything, just chill, relax and experience the vibrations. Or in case you happen to be a more adventurous one, go outside and explore the world while your pussy and clitoris are being massaged. Whatever suits you best. These are just some of the suggestions how you can use the toy.
Not to mention, the only thing you need to control it is your smartphone.


Vibease, a wearable sex toy that syncs to erotic audiobooks via app

When the voice says, “I’m touching you gently,” sex toy vibrates slowly. And when the voice says, “I’m touching you vigorously,” the vibe vibrates at a faster pace. I haven’t come across a more amusing remote control vibrator than this one yet. Sure, there is a ton of interesting stuff out there, but nothing comes close to this one. It seems just so much fun.
The combination of an app and a vibrator allows you to listen to audiobooks on your headphones while wearing the toy in your panties. You might fancy yourself a relaxing walk in nature or lie in bed, Vibease will always do the thing for you and your pink muffin. Yes, that lovely cock wallet of yours.

Amazing features do not end here. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can finally bring it closer than ever. What was once impossible, is now very possible. The distance does not matter anymore. You can get on a surprisingly intimate level with your partner no matter the location. Connect with your significant other through a touch request and start sending vibrations through Vibease app. Moreover, you two can also enjoy a video call while sharing sexy and intimate moments together completely privately. You can send vibes at your preferred intensity to your babe during the call as well. Finally, you can feel each other even if hundreds or thousands of miles apart.
So much coolness in one product!


Since the holiday season is getting closer and closer, I am sure your lady will jump of joy if you get her this dope erotic fiction syncing sex toy. Just think of the naughty moments you two can spend together during the times you are away. It should always be about sex. ALWAYS.
As for the single girls, get the toy and enjoy vibes sent from complete strangers. Inside the app, many things can happen. You are getting more and more interested about the product, aren’t you?

Anyhow, for those who need to learn even more about the pleasure device, and hear it from an actual woman who tested it out, watch a Vibease review below.

Notice: if it wasn’t for this article, I probably wouldn’t be able to get to the end of the review. The tone of lady’s voice is quite annoying. However, I thank you, Venus O’Hara, for the review!

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