Which Superhero Has The Biggest Penis?

The question you have all been secretly wondering about, “Which superhero has the biggest penis?”, has finally been revealed. Some already gave it a go but no one yet brought their research so far to make the information how big are heroes’ bones public. Not only that but to tell you the size of their schlongs in inches.
We did all that just for you and to help you expand your naughty fantasies. Hey, we are vPorn, we aren’t afraid to show you stuff that other’s either are not allowed or just aren’t comfortable talking about. Ain’t we just the coolest?
Bare in mind, this is a very SFW article.

We dug really deep and took a good chunk of our precious time to examine all of your favorite comic book heroes in great details. As a matter of fact, the only thing that really mattered to us was the crotch. How big are all these people with incredible superpowers down under? Are their members proportional to their extraordinary body physiques? Does size even matter?
By the way, we also found out who their favorite pornstars are. And you thought superheroes do not watch explicit videos, huh? Wrong.

Most of them are normal human beings, but when the need occurs, they change form, grow into a beast, or put on a suit what makes their muscles pop and fill them with this supernatural power what helps them conquer the world and beat the bad guys.

However, have you ever think about what happens with their phalluses? Do their rods also change into a stiff large pole that can help them mate just about anyone they would like? Or do they use it as a special weapon that fires out the most destructive lightning balls what no one told you about yet? Maybe their penises don’t change at all and stay the same all the time. Being big down there can be a big distraction sometimes.

To be frank, we don’t really care what they are doing with their dongs, we are here about their size. Period. Still, you and me, we both know that they probably do some really wizardry stuff with their love muscles.

To make it fun and entertaining, we put all our discoveries into this fun and educational infographic that will show you which superhero has the biggest penis. Are you surprised by who the winner is?
We have some ties, some obvious numbers and some big surprises.

Let’s find out which superhero has the biggest penis and solve this mystery once and for all.
which superhero has the biggest penis



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    I ponder what Wonder Woman’s vagina is like?

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    how to view

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    Fuck you assholes. Stop putting malware on my computer.

  6. rokr says:

    Who did you think was the largest down under?

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