This App Helps You Find Public Fuck Spots

app for public sex spots

You read that correct, there is an application and a website out there that helps you find public spots for fucking. I know, right, that almost sounds too good to be true! Well, it is not all gold that glitters.

The biggest minus of this ingenious app called Mispicaderos is that it focuses on the Spanish population only. Sure, you still might find public sex locations around the world but they may be few and far between. Who is down to learn Spanish and help collect more spots for random strangers who only understand the symbols? Yes, someone like me.

There are three main reasons why people fuck in public.

First, they simply do not have the privacy to do it at home. Whether they live with someone else, there are kids or maybe even parents. Best solution? Find a public location and bang!

Second, they are doing it somewhere in public due to having an affair. This way, no one will know you have had sex and come home with a bright smile decorating your face.

Third, couples simply want to spice things up. They already fucked in every corner of their home multiple times so it is time to go outside and find locations for a session of public sex.

The above three suggestions are not my discoveries, but they are quite common, don’t you think? Instead, it is Josean, the mastermind and web designer behind Mispicaderos, who did the research.

The initial idea for the platform where people would submit and suggest public sex spots came back in 2009. At first, it was mainly Josean’s friends who used it but it slowly and steadily grew to now over 12,000 places across Spain.

Prior to the launch of the fantastic application, Spanish people needed to rely only on word of mouth. But now, they have the scenes on their phones, always accessible in case they want a quickie.

Will Mispicaderos ever go global? For your information, Josean already opened the doors but not all countries are fond of public sex. Some countries have strict rules and serious punishment while in the others people are just too conservative. However, more and more folks are expanding their views on sex and with that, they are becoming more daring to try something new.

By the way, if you will further investigate the public sex app, you will notice that those suggesting the spot go quite in-depth with the descriptions. Moreover, others also review the location for you to know whether or not it is worth it right off the bat.

Moreover, when using Mispicaderos, you can search by locations, privacy, sexual orientation and if the spot handles twenty people. That’s correct, 20! Not the intimate anymore, right? There are other filters that help you find the best place as quickly as possible.

The big question is: when will I find these public sex spots in my location? When will you took the time, Josean, a get more people to join on a global scale. Or maybe other web designer and developers see the potential and will do their own version of Mispicaderos. Who knows, but when you do it, count me in, I would love to test it out and provide my suggestions.

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