Brunette Lesbians Abella Danger & Ava Addams Bang

brunette lesbians

If you are in need to enjoy yourself is some insanely hot and tempting brunette lesbians doing their thing, you are in for a sweet and delicious treat. Nothing should be stopping you right now from pressing that play button and see what Abella and Ava have in store for you and your horny desires.

A lot.

This one night, Abella Danger just could not sleep. She is too scared to fall asleep when her daddy is not away from home. Abella pictures all these worst-case scenarios and leaves her room almost instantly.

Off to the master bedroom, she goes.

When she comes, Abella sees the doors widely open. There she is. Her stepmother, in the sexiest lingerie possible, lying on the bed in all her glory. Not to mention, it is somewhat hot in the house, so Ava Addams is revealing herself almost in full.

How crazy hot these brunette lesbians are?

That curvy ass makes Abella intrigued and unable to hold herself back. She turns on the lights, climbs on the bed and begins caressing her stepmother’s thigh.

Even if it would be the deepest dream, Ava would still wake up just like she does this time.

She is in shock, unaware of what is actually happening. When her mind finally processes the situation, Ava wants to know what exactly is going on. After Abella tells her that she cannot sleep when her daddy is away, voluptuous mommy explains to her that they are both perfectly safe. But still, Abella needs her, so she insists.

Hard to keep pretending herself, Ava and Abella lie down. And then it happens, Abella wants her to cuddle her. No way is she doing that! It is surely not something her daddy would allow them to do.

But why a mommy would not want to cuddle her stepdaughter? Sure, the youngster might be old enough to be living in her own apartment but still.

Finally, Ava lets it all out. She tells Abella that she has a thing for young girls. Yes, she likes to fuck them. Believe me, Ava encountered many brunette lesbians and fuck their brains out. And that was one of the main reasons why she ruined all her past marriages. No way is she destroying this one, too.

However, with a hot teen like Abella Danger, Ava gets hit with a dose of sensations and vice versa. How can someone even pretend that she does not like her stepmother if she is no other than Ava Addams?

Without further ado, Ava begins telling her exciting lesbian stories while Abella starts to squeezing her humongous breasts and simultaneously fingering her juicy and tight pussy.

When the stories have done the trick, Abella wants to experience her mother and how skillful she is with her fingers. At this point in their secret sleepover, there is not stopping and turning back. These ladies are all about each other, wanting to fuck and bring one another to fulfilling climaxes.

First, it is Ava’s turn to get busy with Abella’s down under and massages her clitoris. She does it more and more vigorously until young lady begins to tremble and cums like a volcano.

This only makes Denger even more dangerous and ready to taste her mother’s juices. Ava sits on her face and lets her kid do her tongue wizardry. Abella sticks her tongue deep into Ava’s vagina getting her to cum all over her face, and she does exactly that.

Now then, will Abella keep her mouth shut and hold this secret adventure all for herself? Because, who does not want to fuck Ava Addams over and over again each time they are all home alone, right?

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  1. rokr says:

    Is it the teen, the mom or a mixture of both what you like best?

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