Are You Into Chicks Getting Banged By Donkeys?

chicks getting banged by donkeys

Needless to say, this video has nothing to do with chicks getting banged by donkeys. I mean, is there actually someone who is into this kind of stuff? You know what, you do not have to tell me since I am not interested in knowing.

The title is more or less a clickbait. I bet you started clicking the moment you read it. If you aren’t into this kind of stuff, I am sure you like to watch bizarre things. And this could be one of those. But it is not.

To finally get to the point, this is a video by Aaron Marino aka Alpha M. discussing whether or not porn is bad for you. Every once in a while, I type the word “porn” into YouTube to see if there are any new videos related to it. I saw Aaron’s video and decided to watch it only to see what he has to say.

Aaron is all about style, grooming, fitness and overall lifestyle, plus, he is kinda open-minded. I knew from the get go there will be interesting things he will say about porn being good or bad or “no big deal.”

Aaron starts, “Porn is something that I think is tough to put into a box.” If you look at it, term porn is way too broad. It covers all the niches from softcore and sensual lesbian stuff all the way to wild bukkake and insane orgies. Even the illegal things fall under the term “porn.”

According to Aaron, porn is like alcohol, drugs, burgers and chips, it can be detrimental to your health if you consume it in mass quantities. I don’t know about you but it is not the case for me. I am consuming porn in probably way larger amounts that the majority of you are. However, I do not feel I am addicted to it nor that it is bad for my health. As a matter of fact, I believe I became a completely different person due to porn. And yes, I watch the nasty stuff, too. But you probably cannot compare me to someone with an addictive personality or whatever.

Anyhow, the modern porn is way different compared to the old porn. If nothing else, you truly needed to use your imagination back in the days which is good, right? Today, well, you do not have to turn on the imagination, it is all out there, on the internet. You google it, and there would probably be 6,465 results that will take care of your fantasies. Even those dark things like chicks getting banged by donkeys. Dude, is there really someone who is into this stuff? Aaron, is it you?

Alpha M. also brings out the topic which, I believe, is definitely worth the mention. We could say there are two types of porn consumers. The first watch the content, do their thing and move on. The second watch the content (do their thing) and then go out and do it. As for the latter, if you aren’t in a relationship and you plan to do what you saw to a complete stranger, I would not advise you doing it. Speaking of relationship, many couples are watching porn only to spice things up and to find new and creative ways to having sex. Just another positive thing about pornography.

Moreover, there are other two people out there. A) Folks who watch porn and B) characters who lie about it. To make a long story short, almost everyone is watching explicit content. That is the “cruel” reality.

Do you rule the porn or does porn rule you?

What I want to end this article with is this: “Pornography is fantasy, and if you understand that and put it in its place and not let it rule your life, it is not necessarily a bad thing. But it definitely is detrimental if you think that that is what reality is. Porn is a lot of things but reality it is not.”

At the end of the day, it all comes to you. If you think you have a problem then good chances are that you actually have it. However, if you are enjoying XXX content to feed your fantasies and have it as an outlet then nothing should be wrong with it. Look at me, I never even thought about being ruled by porn. I am ruling the porn and if you are too then watch it for as much as you would like.

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