February 5, 2019

Enjoying Porn Scenarios in Virtual Reality

The porn industry is definitely one of the best things when it comes to adult entertainment, and while there are plenty amazing videos with amazing pornstars in them, there is something that everyone knows about those videos, and that is that they have either very unrealistic scenarios, or they are […]
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December 6, 2018
starbucks bans porn

Starbucks Bans Porn Content Starting 2019

If this hilarious or not, I won’t really talk about, but Starbucks bans porn starting next year, in 2019. The coffee chain behemoth plans to banish pornographic content from all its shops. If you are missing a solid Wi-Fi connection at home, chances are, you are hanging out at Starbucks […]
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April 24, 2018
terry crews addicted to porn

Terry Crews Was Addicted To Pornography, No Big Deal

I just watched a video on Dr. Phil’s YouTube channel of Terry Crews speaking about his addiction to pornography. For some reason, addiction of such sort, I still find a bunch of baloney. Terry and his wife Rebecca speak about the situation and how he came out and tell her […]
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December 21, 2017

11 Things You Did Not Know About Porn [Infographic]

You think you know everything about porn? You are dead wrong! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VPORN.COM. DO YOU LIKE THE INFOGRAPHIC? EMBED IT INTO YOUR WEBSITE Simply copy and paste the code below: <a href="" target="_blank"> <img border="0" alt="11 Things You Did Not Know About Porn [Infographic]" src=" " width="1600" […]
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September 7, 2017
favorite porn genre

100 People Reveal Their Favorite Porn Genre

When you hear 100 people speak about their favorite porn genre, you know you will be hearing a ton of stuff. And in between those you are familiar with, there will also be some really, pardon my French, nasty and weird shit. Or will there really be? What surprises me […]
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