Erotikaland – World’s First Sex Theme Park


There will be this fantasy world for the adults in Brazil that will bring your dreams to reality and it will simply be called the Erotikaland. The world’s first sex theme park will have a ton of fun and entertaining attractions that will be available to you for an entry fee of $100. Call it expensive or whatever, you will get to enjoy something that you have not experienced yet in your life. Sometimes, it is worth paying the price.

Before you get too excited about it, unfortunately, Brazil is going through some rough times. The sex-themed fun park should be opened this year (2017), however, due to the recession, the company behind the Erotikaland, Soft Love, postponed the project. A spokesperson told, “For now, the park project has been postponed in the reason of the current economic plus political crisis that Brazil has been facing.”

It is not only for the economical and political reasons, why they put the project on hold. A member of Christian Socialist Party, Matheus Erler is concerned about becoming known as the capital of sex. It raised criticism ever since the idea hit the web.

The good news is, when (and if!) the project sees light, the park will create 250 new jobs and promote safe sex, according to Mauro Morata, the project leader.

Let’s get to the fun part. The sex-themed park will be open, of course, for adults only. It will feature all bunch of super awesome stuff like the 7D cinema with vibrating seats, a nudist pool, bumper cars in shape of genitalia and the train of pleasure. I am especially interested in knowing more about the latter. But the bumper cars sound fun, too. When you will crash with this cock and vagina shaped cars, will you actually have sex? Very spicy!

Moreover, Erotikaland won’t be built only for the entertainment purposes. It will also promote sex education in form of an erotic museum.

hot brazilian asses

Last and definitely not least, will there be any pleasurable services, too? In other words, will sex be allowed? In short, NO. Who knows, maybe something naughty will be going down behind the curtains or in the hotel but that I cannot speak about. As a matter of fact, what else will the hotel be built for, right?
But there will be an aphrodisiac store inside the sex park and a sex shop and a place full of erotic games.

However, Mauro Morata said that if attendees what to bring things to another level, they can enjoy themselves in the nearby motel which will be operated by the sex park owners. They have already planned everything in advance.

At the end of the day, sex and Brazil go together very well. The people are beautiful, especially all the hot ladies. Well-tanned bodies, amazing curves, pretty faces – WOW. I tell you one thing, since we are all adults here, I am going to share with you a Brazillian girl having sex in front of the camera now.

You see, I told you Brazil has some of the finest chicks on the planet.

If the genius idea for the Erotikaland sex theme park will become a reality, boy, I really need to plan a trip to Brazil. Another good reason why I need to visit this exotic country. Cross fingers.


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