LELO HEX Review – Is This The Best Condom On The Market?

lelo hex condoms

After I saw a commercial featuring Charlie Sheen promoting this new, revolutionary condoms, LELO HEX, about a year ago, I god intrigued. At that time, the only way you were able to get a package of this honeycombs structured love sock was by backing their Indiegogo campaign. I went all in and supported the campaign! Bare in mind, this was actually my first ever backed campaign. I sure do care about the condoms, I guess. And when there is something new on the horizon, I sure will give it a go. Period.

I backed the campaign last June in hopes it will raise the required funds. As it turned out, it went way beyond that. Thanks to Charlie Sheen?
After the long wait, the package arrived in September, if I remember correctly. Up to that time, my girlfriend and I were still using some random condoms from the local drug store.

Speaking to others, all the condoms are the “same,” and the best way to buy them is to simply go to the drug store and buy the cheapest. Well, if you don’t really want to enjoy having safe sex to the fullest, that might be the case for you. Cheap is your best option or is it really?

For all the rest, they know that anyone who is buying cheap condoms is missing so much. Sure, quality condoms can be expensive, however, you should not act cheap when it comes to the rubber. However, it is not always the case.

I just looked into my Gmail account and found that I paid $14 for a 12 pack HEX. My friends thought that I was crazy, paying $1+ for a single condom. But was I really crazy?

The excitement

The day finally came and a small brown package arrived. I knew it was condoms. Finally! Excitedly, I opened the box and there it was, a beautifully designed white pack of 12 original and re-engineered LELO HEX condoms (check out this cool condom timeline, the history of protection). I was impressed with the packaging and almost did not want to ruin it by opening it. I might be weird, but I really do like a stylish packaging. It’s like with Apple, every time I buy a new device or whatever, I never throw the box away.

Obviously, I did not see where it opens so I ripped everything and completely destroyed the little white box.

And there they were. 12 LELO HEX condoms, packed in a really smooth, yet strong, packaging that I could not wait to tear apart. Of course, in a gentle way so I don’t ruin what’s inside. But I also did get rough on it only to test it out. It worked like a charm!

Being a good person as I am, I decided to wait for my lady, so we do it together and test it out – obviously.

The packaging

The packaging ripped easily with hands. I was impressed. Again.
Notice: I later stacked myself with more HEX condoms (72 in total!) and found out that some packs don’t open as easily as the others do. Still, this is not something that really bothers me.

After finally taking the condom out, we got hit with a pleasant, non-rubber-ish smell. You know that some condoms on the market are quite smelly – not LELO HEX. You immediately know what this means: Quality. Pretty much exactly how I expected the condom would be.

The structure

Inspired by Graphene, the thinnest and strongest structure known to science, I could not wait to put the rubber on and see how it feels. Needless to say, it wraps around your phallus perfectly and the fact how thin it is (not the thinnest condom), I knew the action will feel incredible. Not to mention, the condom was clearer (with the honeycombs structure all over it, but not on the tip) to what I was used to. Most of the condoms, even if the packaging says they are clear, have this yellowish finish which does not really make your penis appealing to the eye when wearing it. To be frank, it looks kinda nasty.

Built with strength, sensation and intimacy in mind, LELO HEX was created “for sex without compromise.”

The pleasure

Both excited and ready to put it to use, we warmed each other up first, so she was dripping wet, and I was rock solid, before joining the sex parts and get the action going. I seriously could not wait to ease it inside of her moist tunnel of love. The only major thing I remember, the very same moment I got inside of her using this revolutionized condom, is how we both silently screamed, “WOW.” It really was that way. The sex was great and the orgasm even better.

Since I wasn’t sure if it is just us or the condoms are really that good, I gave two away to my friends. Guess what their response was? Indeed, they loved it, too!

I am really proud of myself that I decided to be part of the Indiegogo campaign and was one of the first who got a chance to test this epic new condom, LELO HEX. Moreover, my lady absolutely loved it what made me even happier.

Pretty much the following day, after experiencing the rubberman, I went to LELO.com, used the coupon I got with my first purchase and ordered two more 36 packs. Hey, I got the personal moisturizer aka lube for free!


To make a long story short, I highly suggest to invest in safe sex and buy a package of HEX. They might not be the cheapest but believe me, you will have an unforgettable experience. At least have them for that super special night every so often.

No more excuses that it does not fit right or that it might break or slide off. This thing holds tight and does not bother you during the action. With LELO HEX, you do not have to worry about anything else other than enjoying the intimate moment spend with your partner. Isn’t that what we all strive for?

Instead of buying all the crappy things, save your money and purchase a pack of these latex condoms. At least give them a shot. Bare in mind, I am not here saying that you should use only HEX from now on. You might be sensitive to latex, and if this is the case, then you should definitely not pick HEX.

Closing words: I love the HEX condoms and I hope many people will get a chance to try them out and see how awesome they are for themselves. Enjoy the romp.


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    Has anyone tried the HEX yet?
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