Fat Hairy Old Men Know How To Treat Pussy

fat hairy old men

If there is one constant in the universe, it is that fat hairy old men always put the pussy first.

They know how it is supposed to be treated, and they always give it their all.

It is not every day that they get to fuck one.

That’s why they need to make it count. And that is exactly what’s happening here.

This juicy pussy needs a fucking and he needs to provide it. No matter how many cocks she has had in the past, he’s going to make sure that the curvy brunette amateur remembers his.

It might just give her a reason to keep coming back.

She’s sitting on his crotch and riding him like a bronco. He moves his hips with her and makes sure to show her pussy the time it needs.

She could take it inside, but she does not.

She just wants to grind her clit on the shaft and get it to swell. After all, fat hairy old men will like it however you want to give it to them.

He lets her grind and plays with her tits for her. He pinches her puffy nipples and caresses her entire body.

Then the time comes for her to turn around. She wants to take it from behind.

Lovely chubby lady mounts back up and starts grinding all over again. Her entire pussy slides up and down the shaft.

It’s clear that fat hairy old men anywhere would kill for this much attention.

He even makes a point of sliding his fingers deep into her vagina. He gives her as much as she can take and she loves it. Maybe it’s time to repay the favor for all of his services.

She probably will not take him inside her love hole, but she has other holes to please.

The amateur woman needs to make sure that he understands that he gets what he gets.

She dismounts and gets on her knees. She leans forward and takes his cock deep into her mouth.

The best way to satisfy fat hairy old men is with a blowjob.

She works her head up and down for as long as she can. No doubt, she knows her way around a dick, so she knows how to breathe and not get into trouble. She can suck him off for as long as she wants, but she decides to take a break.

Her hand wraps around his shaft and she starts jerking him as fast as she can.

It’s time to finish up for the night.

She strokes his cock like a pro and smiles when his hips start to buck.

Brunette knows precisely what’s coming next.

She never slows down and makes sure that he spews all over himself. His cum shoots out and covers his thighs. She keeps on stroking for as long as she has to in order to get it all out.

Once every last drop is on him, it’s time to rest. She drops his dick and leans back. She smiles to the camera and waves.

Her job here is done.

Now she can go find a way to get herself a much bigger dick to play with and take care of.


  1. Curious says:

    Who is she?

  2. rokr says:

    Why do old fat guys always get the hottest chicks?

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