Inside Asa Akira’s Mind [Infographic]

Find out what is going on inside Asa Akira’s mind

inside asa akira mind



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Ever thought about what is racing through the mind of a pornstar? No more wondering, we have all of your questions answered. We dug really, Really deep in the brain of an adult actress, Asa Akira, to find out what is going on. I tell you one thing, there is a whole bunch of stuff happening in the mind of one of the most popular Asian pornstar, Asa.

Whoever knows anything about Akira knows that she is a relly fun and entertaining woman. Especially the latter. Asa keeps on engaging million and millions of people on a daily basis with her wild and wicked, yet gentle and sensual, porn scenes. No matter what scene of Asa’s you watch, she always delivers and never disappoints.

To get familiar with Asa Akira on an even more intimate and personal level, we put together an infographic which reveals more than you thought. From love and sex stuff all the way to the things that Asa hates the most.

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Let’s begin with the fun stuff, sex. As far as banging goes, Asa is a huge fan of anal sex and everything butt. This is probably one of her most used words. Whatever you will try to say, Akira will make sure to flip things around and ending it with anal-something.

Have you ever asked yourself what is Asa’s biggest fantasy? Either inside the porn industry or outside of it, Asa would love to fuck twins. And we all hope she will do the whole world a favor and capture it on camera if she ever realizes this dream. You know Asa is capable of just about anything so let’s time do the work.

Any volunteers?

To continue Asa’s sex life and experience, she once fell asleep shooting a softcore scene. Oh yeah, Asa is more on the wild side and enjoys hardcore fuck sessions. Again, even better if butt play is involved.

To set the sex aside for a while, Asa Akira loves pizza, cookie butter ice cream and dick pics. Hey, dick pics?! For real?
If you ever approach Asa and ask her out or whatever, make sure you are wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. Asa absolutely loves the outfit. And you will perfectly match her sexy legs and round ass in leggings.

Hoe is life. Link in bio.

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On the other hand, dude, never wear a romper in front of Asa. You will probably get slapped in the face or kicked in the ass. She hates the “costume” just as much as she hates heels, geography and Pitbull and Sean Paul.

I believe we already give you enough hints what suits Asa and how you can win her over.

All this searching and examining made us put together this fun infographic that will have you sorted with even more info about Asa. I bet there is stuff you never heard before.

What is the best part? We know how huge Asa Akira fans you are, so we decided to put the design on a T-shirt for you to rock it all day long every day.

The world of AA just got a tiny bit better for all of us.


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