Lais Ribeiro Naked Pictures Will Fill You With Joy

lais ribeiro naked pictures

Aside from all the pornstars, we let you experience through our articles, we enjoy sharing sexy models like Lais Ribeiro with you, too. Just look at her, isn’t she extraordinary? With a frame like Lais has, we can call her a perfect woman. I don’t know about her behavioral side but who cares about that. When she spoils you with her physique and make you forget about the world around you nothing else matters. Except her! She needs your attention and being a true gentleman as you are excites her to bring happiness and joy to your life. You are a cavalier, right?


Sometimes, we really do need to express ourselves how thankful we are for all the nude girls men’s magazines bring to us. In this case, Lui Magazine did a splendid job collaborating with Brazilian model, Lais, and photographer, David Bellemere, to make all these sexy nude photos happen. Hint: not all are from the same photo shooting. Some are from a photo shoot Ribeiro took with Richard Ramos for GQ Mexico. What’s important, they are all relatively fresh and show us how beautiful Lais is. The rest, well, who even cares about the rest. The only thing that matters right now is this ebony goddess and just about nothing else. Keep is simple, they say.


Beach and an incredible ebony girl, who just happens to be all wet, give real summer-ish vibes. At my end, warm summer days are slowly coming to their end. However, that does not mean we need to stop enjoying photos of this style. Completely opposite. We need to increase our erotic pictures consumption that have something to do with sea, warm days and summer. Not only do they heat up our bodies, they also help us get the body juices going. I mean, if these Lais Ribeiro topless photos don’t make you hot, dude, make your mind distraction free first and then come back to feel the joy.


Before I even managed to get myself out of the fantasy world, I spent a ton of time staring at Lais. I don’t know about you but I still struggle to figure out what I like on Ribeiro the most.
Is it her ass? Maybe her magnificent boobs? The fact that she has smooth and silky chocolate skin? Or maybe her dark and mesmerizing eyes? If I were to pick one part of her body as my favorite or they would cut my pinky off, I would really have a problem. It would be a very tough decision but at the end, I would probably go with her mind-twisting breasts. What about yourself?


Hot and sexy Lais Ribeiro naked pictures make you salivating


To get closer and more familiar with Brazilian model, Ribeiro, let’s dig a bit deeper and then together enjoy all these pics.

Lais was born on October 5, 1990 in Teresina, Piauí, Brazil and is a true natural. Listen carefully, just a year before she decided to go all in with modeling, Lais gave birth to a child. She has a son named Alexander. How did she stay in such incredible shape? That will remain a mystery. Oh wait, or is she training, going to the gym and doing other sports activities, like, all the freaking time?


In a very short period of time, Ribeiro already grabbed some of the most notable designers’ attention. That said, in 2009 she worked with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Versace and others. Not to mention, Lais Ribeiro also works with Victoria’s Secret. If it wasn’t for her sprained ankle in 2012, Lais would appear six years in a row at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2010 – 2015). Furthermore, last year, in 2015, Ribeiro got crowned as Victoria’s Secret Angel.


What to say, Lais really took the industry by storm. And the fact that she already gave birth to a child makes her extra special. You see, there are no rules. Literally, anyone can become a model (adult film star, too), even a young mother. If Mother Nature rewarded her with an amazing frame that does not get fat, at all, she is in luck. For all the rest, put in some extra work and everything is possible.


Since I cannot get out of my perve skin, I need to say it out loud. In the pornography world, we can simply call Lais Ribeiro a MILF. Still, we cannot just say she is a MILF. We can and should add “exotic + with a special touch.”
I bet if she would join adult entertainment industry, Ribeiro would become one of the top performers in no time. Just saying (while crossing fingers and hoping she will take the plunge).


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