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May 21, 2018
bethany rose harrison

Hottie of the week – Bethany Rose Harrison

While lovely brunette, Bethany Rose Harrison, is still relatively unknown, I bet many of you are quite familiar with her. At least all of you who enjoy watching TV on a regular basis. Nope, I will not say couch potatoes because I am not a rude person. Fun fact about […]
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May 14, 2018
sharon fonseca

Hottie of the week – Sharon Fonseca

While checking out Gianluca Vacchi’s Instagram, I somehow stumbled across the lovely Venezuelan, Sharon Fonseca. You might not know her and neither did I until just recently. Who is this lady? She is a friend of the popular Italian millionaire, Gianluca who, I am sure, you are very familiar with. […]
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May 7, 2018
elaine babo

Hottie of the week – Elaine Babo

This other day, I randomly typed “babe” in search on Instagram and look who I got, Elaine Babo. Sure, there were some other ladies that popped up for me, but I sure could not skip Elaine. She is Brazilian and she likes to work out quite a lot, meaning, Elaine […]
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April 30, 2018
annalynne mccord

Hottie of the week – AnnaLynne McCord

A multitalented lady who was once a thriving model and later transformed into an actress, AnnaLynne McCord, is our hottest lady of the week. I decided to choose AnnaLynne just because. Well, not actually. I saw a naked picture of her which hooked me immediately. A mad sexy babe who […]
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April 23, 2018
arianny celeste

Hottie of the week – Arianny Celeste

We will speak about Arianny Celeste and UFC today. Are you excited yet? Nope, do not get too excited about it. Arianny is not a fighter rather a ring girl. You know, the chick that enters the ring between rounds carrying a plate with a number of the next round […]
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