12 Penis Enlargement Techniques [Infographic]

Have you thought about getting your dick bigger?

penis enlargement techniques



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If you are searching for the best penis enlargement techniques, you came to the right place. Above, you can find a full-blown infographic that will help you out with the different options that you have to get your dick bigger.

Do they actually work?

To be 100% candid with you, some do and some don’t. Do I recommend all of them? Of course not! I mean, who would even consider going under the knife to get a dick job done. Just don’t!

Working on yourself, particularly on your mind, is the first thing you would want to do to get things in order. And all of a sudden, your cock will feel of the perfect size. That’s called magic.

Sure, every guy goes through all sorts of different periods in his life. And one of them is whether or not his penis is big enough. Just think of yourself as a perfect human being and you are all good.

The penis enlargement techniques that (don’t) work

1. Dick pills and supplements

Okay, if you watch porn online (for free), you have seen a ton of ads for dick pills. Do they work? Well, that falls into a completely different discussion. In fact, maybe some of you actually tried those. If so, please share your experience in the comments sections below.

2. Jelqing aka milking exercise

This is a pretty old-school technique that I am sure we all tried in a particular period of our lives. When doing the jelqing, well, do not go too rough on yourself, or you might find yourself in trouble.

3. Stretching devices

There are all sorts of stretching devices available on the market. Some are bulkier while all the rest you easily wear under your pants. Will you walk around with your cock stretched, I don’t know, I know I wouldn’t.

4. Vacuum pump

Similar to stretching devices, vacuum pumps also tend to get your cock bigger. Not really. However, if you use them during playing with yourself, they can help you level up your orgasm.

5. Creams and lotions

These are somewhat similar to dick pills. These work only temporarily.

6. Lose weight – the technique that actually works!

If you would truly like to get your dick bigger, lose a few pounds. Especially if you are overweight, this is probably the only technique that will get your cock (to look) bigger.

7. Enlargement surgery (not recommended)

This is on the list only for the fact that some actually get under the knife to get their cocks bigger. I would not do it even for a million dollars.

8. Get your partner to (honestly) compliment your machete

Another penis enlargement technique that actually works (mentally) is if your partner compliments your machete as often as possible.

9. Seek a doctor or psychiatrist

Sometimes, well, the issues we have is only in our mind. Get rid of it and find yourself the hottest in the world.

10. Love rings – be careful

These prevent blood from getting out of the erected penis. Not a clever thing to do.

11. Exercise your pelvic floor

You have loads of different exercises for the pelvic floor, like stop and start urinating and similar. Test them out, they cannot hurt.

12. Take ginseng, ginkgo biloba, epimedium and L-arginine

If you would like to take the natural penis enlargement technique, try any of the above. In most of the cases, dick pills include one or more ingredients mentioned here.


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