18 Best Male Masturbation Techniques [Infographic]

Waste no more time and start practicing these best male masturbation techniques

male masturbation techniques



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Instead of going down yourself the same old boring way, try any of these rewarding male masturbation techniques and enjoy the results.

Sometimes, you just want to do things differently. And when it comes to jerking off, there are all sorts of different variations you can try out yourself. And if you lack imagination, you sure did come to the right place.

This cool infographic will unlock a whole new horizon of possibilities for you. If right now, only one hand was busy while the other was browsing through porn, make a difference once and for all.

At least try out different these creative masturbation techniques, you know, for science!

1. Switch between full fist and fingers

Instead of doing yourself with full fist, use two or three fingers only. For instance, grab your dick with thumb, middle and index fingers and slide them up and down.

2. Use lube

Who even does things the dry way anymore? Use lube (hint: coconut oil FTW!) and enjoy all the new sensations it brings.

3. The numb arm trick – feels like someone else is doing it

To be frank, I have not tried this one myself yet. I sure will give it a shot and see the amazing pleasures it will give me.

4. Watch yourself masturbating in front of a mirror

Instead of starting a blank wall (or sexy images), stand in front of a mirror while masturbating. See that stud in action and enjoy watching yourself even when you explode with a hot torrent of spunk.

5. Use a condom

Let’s face it, condoms are not just for sex. You can even play around with a condom when masturbating. This even helps you with visualizing how you penetrate a juicy pussy.

6. Plastic bag + lube (condom alternative)

And if you just happen to have no condom at hand, pick up a plastic bag, fill it with lube and enjoy the fun. Again, coconut oil is a fantastic lube alternative.

7. Stop just before ejaculation, then repeat the process several times

If you would like to last longer and have yourself under total control, this male masturbation technique will do the trick for sure. Avoid ejaculating, cool down for a bit and then repeat. Who out there lasts for eleven repetitions?

8. Massage your balls

Do not give all the attention to the penis only. Instead, enjoy massaging and playing with your balls, too. For all the extra pleasure, use lube. For your information, you can also shave completely and take experimentation to the next level.

9. Try using the other hand

As straightforward as it sounds.

10. Rub against a pillow

You wake up on a warm and sunny morning with a throbbing cock. Instead of going down on yourself with your hand, pick up a pillow and rub against it. I mean, who has not tried this one yet?

11. Fleshlight

Once you warm yourself up with your hands, any male pleasure sex toy can take you to an entirely different level of satisfaction. Of course, Fleshlight is still one of the best in the game.

12. Spice things up with anal stimulation

If you are a daring one, while one hand slides up and down the length of your dick, use the other to massage your anus. If you have not tried it before, be ready for another dose of entertainment.

13. Use Hitachi or vibrator on your balls

Vibrators and Hitachi wand are not only for the female population. You can gain a ton of benefit from these sex toys while using them on your balls (even penis). Try it, you will surely love it.

And if you like to step things up a few notches, use a Fleshlight and Hitachi wand simultaneously. That’s when the magic happens.

14. Masturbation as a form of meditation

You do not always masturbate for the sake of ejaculation. While some use breathing to meditate and calm themselves down, you can also use masturbation as a form of mediation. For this male masturbation technique, try and avoid watching porn and other sexy content.

15. Stretch balls

When you massage your balls, you also want to stretch them. Be gentle at the beginning to see how it goes and not hurt yourself. Some even use light weights on their balls while masturbating. Worth giving it a try for sure.

16. Experiment with new locations

You can always spice things up and masturbate at different (public) locations. For instance, at the airport toilet, in a hotel room, in the wood, on the beach, you name it.

17. Use your imagination (not porn)

This one pretty much correlates with the male masturbation technique number fourteen. Try and skip watching porn and other XXX material every once and a while and solely rely on your imagination.

18. Try/invent new signature stroke moves

You know what you like best and what gives you the most pleasure yourself the best. That said, try and play around with all sorts of different moves and stroke, which will end up inventing your signature ones. The possibilities are endless that is for sure.

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