Find Out How Far Your Dearest Pornstars Got In School

how far did pornstars get in school

Pretty much most of the time people think that pornstars are uneducated folks who were probably sexual abused as children or harassed in one form or another. But is this really the case? Why do people have this stupid impression about adult film stars? Does it really mean that if you are having sex in front of the camera (and enjoying it!) that something is wrong with you?

Thanks to the guys over at Wood Rocket, they try to show the world that pornstars are just as human as everyone else is. In this episode of “Ask A Porn Star,” they sat down with several adult actresses and actors to chat about how far did they get in school. To make a long story short, they are way more educated than you thought. And it is all revealed in the video interview above. Education is all fine, but where exactly do pornstars see themselves ten years from now?

Ladies and gents who are enjoying sex for money in front of the lense have bachelor’s and masters not only from one field, but two and more, too. You see, your favorite pornstars are well educated human beings that simply picked porn because it feels right for them (and because the money is good, duh!).

pornstars share their education

Some are accountants, the others specialized in photography and videography and the third ones are majoring in psychology, sociology and criminal justice (at the same time!). Simply said, we are talking about really smart people.

Though you can enjoy them talking about their education in the video interview, I still decided to write down how far some of the pornstars came with their studies. Bare in mind, some are still in school. Yes, doing porn and education interchangeably. Good for their classmates, I guess.

Without further ado, let’s find out how well are adult stars educated. Be amazed, be very amazed.

Missy Martinez is actually very learned. She is college graduate from criminal justice and is trained to perform autopsies.

Harley Jade is a certified pharmacy technician.

Aliso Rey is still getting educated. She is a senior, getting her undergrad and is a triple major. She is majoring in psychology, sociology and criminal justice.

Listen carefully, Stevie Foxx went to Christian art college and later to a bible college. A what?!

Rain DeGrey says, “The thing with nursing is that I was dealing with a lot of bodily fluids and I was making people feel better. And now I am dealing with a lot of bodily fluids and I am making people feel better. But there is slightly less poop in porn than nursing.”

how educated are pornstars

Amarna Miller is specialized in fine arts, focused on photography and videography. Every time I see Amarna I think to myself, “She is the cutest with that Spanish accent!”

Riley Reyes has a bachelor in fine arts.

Cindy Starfall majors in business marketing. “My mom got very upset, she was like, ‘Why don’t you do something with your degree?’ And I was like, ‘I am, mom, I am marketing my pussy.'”

April O’Neil was very unsuccessful with her college career. She attempted it four times. First fashion, second criminology, third chemistry and lastly culinary school. Finally, she decided to quit schooling and pursue porn full time.

Ela Darling completed master’s degree in library and information science. The naughty, naughty librarian!

Amber Ivy has about a year left on her bachelor’s in biology. Good luck!

Busty Dava Foxx graduated with two bachelor’s, one in marketing and one in management. Kinda suits her current career perfectly.

Veruca James has a bachelor’s degree in both accounting and finance.

I bet you will start admiring the stars even more now!


Though I am sure you are very well familiar with all of the stars, it is time for you to do a research to see if any of them is implementing their education into porn.


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