14 Pubic Hairstyles For Women [Infographic]

These pubic hairstyles for women are a must try!

pubic hairstyles for women



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Ladies, if you would like to impress your boys, you better check these popular and not so well known pubic hairstyle for women. I bet you will want to try some out almost instantly. On the other hand, I am quite sure that you already tried all sorts of different stuff on yourself.

Wanna share what worked best on you?

With things like pubic hair, you can experiment as much as you want. Let’s face it, it grows back super quickly, and you can always go bald. In short, you can never mess things up.

Without further ado, take action now and enjoy the outcome. Your boyfriend or your lower will definitely get excited through the roof.

1. Heart

If you are a fresh couple, this one comes super handy. Or if you just randomly want to let him know how much you love him, turn your bush into a heart.

2. Leaf

You do not really need to be eco-friendly to turn your pubic hair into a leaf. Do it for whatever reason you have.

3. Mega bush

Well, you do not really need to do much when it comes to the mega bush. In fact, you can even use a serum to make it extreme.

4. Baldy

Just pick a razor and go bald AKA shave yourself completely.

5. Long strip

Instead of the classic, short strip, go the extra mile and sport a long string.

6. Arrow

If he is always lost, show him where to find your jewels.

7. Superman

Whether you are a big fan of Superman or he is your Superman, trim your bush in the shape of a Superman logo.

8. Batman

Similarly to the previous one, one clever way to cut your pubic hair is in the shape of a Batman.

9. Christmas tree

Maybe Christmas came early for you two, or it actually is Christmas Eve, if you plan to spend some intimate moments with your loved one, Christmas tree is a nifty pubic hairstyle to go with.

10. Rainbow

A rainbow always brings a big smile to everyone’s face. However, to take it a step further, go with a rainbow hairstyle down under and make sure to examine his facial expressions.

11. Smiley

If a long, rough and stressful week is behind him, a smiley always cheers everyone up. Dress sexy, turn your bush into a smiley and call it a day.

12. Hitler

See infographic.

13. Happy meal

Do you know what is happier than a happy meal? A man with his face buried deep into a McDonald’s-shapped-pubic-hair pussy. Bon appetite.

14. VP

Since you know damn well how much he enjoys skimming through vPorn daily, surprise him with something special, something unexpected. Indeed, pick up a pair of scissors and a razor and trim yourself in the shape of a VP logo.

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