Sadomasochism Trends 2020 [Infographic]

Femal or male submission – which is your favorite?

sadomasochism trends



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The big questions that we tried to get an answer to: Is it true that porn fans are more interested in watching female submission than male submission?

Well, what do you think? Or should I rather ask, what do you search for?

Do you ever go to the dark side of adult entertainment, watching stuff “you should not?” Anyhow, fetish content is all over the place and we cannot get around it. After all, why would we? We might learn a thing or two new that we can later implement in our sexual intercourse. You know, to spice things up a little bit.

For this infographic, we used monthly volume searches for selected SM tags collected in July 2019, for four countries: US, UK, Germany and France.

SM tags #femdom, #cuckold, #deepthroat, #misogyny and #DDLG are by far the most popular ones. Moreover, we also investigated #sissy, #domme, #findom and many more in between.

Let’s dive all in.

United States

Surprisingly, only in the US, the searches came out almost equal. 37% for female domination and 38% for male domination. When we dug even deeper, it s the tag #MISOGYNY that is the most popular amongst the porn fans. On the other hand, #human ashtray, #hogtied girl and #male slave are the least popular. Now when know a thing or two more about what folks in the United States are passionate about.

United Kingdom

Femdom is a clear winner in the United Kingdom. Only in the UK, #findom is a search term that entered the top 10, meaning, Brits have something to do with finances. While #spitroast is not at all popular in other countries, in the UK, it crossed 1% of overall searches. Fun fact, adult entertainment fans from Britain also search for #sadist, #submission, #degradation and #painal.


We saw the biggest difference between femdom and maledom in Germany – female domination winning the game by 20%. Also, the interest for #deepthroat in Germany is twice as high compared to the US and UK. Needless to say, Germans like watching ladies take large cocks deep down their throats. Do you? For your information, close to #deepthroat comes #facefuck.
The least popular searches in Germany are #collared, #rapebait and #male slave.


The last on the list of sadomasochism trends infographic from July 2019 is France. France is the second country that has the largest gap between female and male dominations. To our surprise, it was #bimbo that was the overall most common search term over the course of our study. Also, #ponygirl is quite popular among porn fans in France. And the least popular? #Human ashtray, #fuckmeat and #ball torture.

When it comes to fetish-related stuff, what would you say is your favorite?

Me personally, I still prefer watching the classic, vanilla hot-babe-hot-guy porn scenes. I am not really into any of the hardcore stuff myself and never was. Am I in the wrong place right now?

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  1. rokr says:

    Which porn fetish content do you like watching the most?

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