Screwing On The Beach Leads To A Wet Situation

screwing on the beach

These two are horny and nothing is going to stop them from screwing on the beach.

That is just the way that it is.

It does not matter if anyone can see them. They have been together all day long and their crotches deserve it. When the guy jumps into the water, it only seals the deal. He loses his shorts and that is all the hot brunette girl needs.

One look at that cock and her pussy gushes on the sand.

She practically makes her own river, but that’s okay. He’s right there to suck up all of her juices for her.

He climbs on top of her and cannot help himself. His cock shoots to attention and finds its way to her tight little bushy hole. He tries to control himself, but the idea of screwing on the beach is just too much.

His dick slides right inside her, but it is not time yet.

She wants to have some fun before they fuck each other. Young lady makes it pop out and rolls him over onto his back. He may want to keep going, but he is going to enjoy what she has on her mind. She climbs up on him and takes his meat deep into her mouth.

She gives it the sucking it needs before the main event.

After she is done tasting it, she lets it slide back inside. You always want to take your time when you are screwing on the beach. After all, you want to have as much fun as possible. And, chances are, it does not happen very often.

The babe climbs up on top of him once again and positions his cock right under her pussyhole. It is practically begging to be fucked now, and she cannot wait anymore. She slowly lowers herself down and takes him in. She can feel every single vein inside her cunt and she loves it all.

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The first position for screwing on the beach is cowgirl, but it is not the last one. One of them has the idea to make things more interesting.

She stands up and leans against a rock for support. He comes up behind her and spreads her legs into the air. One thrust and his dick is right back inside her as he starts pounding away. She cannot control herself and cums right there.

It is only her first orgasm, but it is powerful enough to be satisfying. Now it is just a matter of making sure she gets filthy before her next swim.

There is no sense in wasting a good swim if you can use it to get clean.

young couple fucks on the beach

Indeed, the two of them try an array of different sex positions only to get the most out of their beach fuck. Of course, they also try anal sex and it takes pleasuring sensations through the roof.

She gets right down on her knees and goes to work on his cock again. Her mouth is warm against the sea air. It doesn’t take much convincing to make him offer up his hot load to her face.

She takes every single drop and never complains. She even tries to swallow as much of it as she can before it starts to run down her neck.

In the end, she’s left with a chest full of cum and a smile on her face. It’s a very good day to visit the beach when you’re horny.

anal sex on the beach


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