Once Upon A Time, Pussies Had Hair

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Did you know that once upon a time, pussies had hair on them?

I’m mostly not talking about hair on the pussies that you, personally, get to fuck. Even if you’re a youngster, it’s possible you might be seeing natural pubic hair “in the wild” in 2019. Genuine unshaven pussies do exist, I’m told. But you sure don’t see them often in twenty-first century porn!

If you see hair at all on a porn pussy these days, you see an itty-bitty scared-looking vertical eyebrow of no particular density, with straight edges. That, my young male friends, is an entirely artificial construction! The woman wearing it that way shaved, plucked, waxed, or trimmed it into that diminutive little strip. Or, if she’s a busy professional, she had her salon stylist do all that work. It’s even possible that lasers did some of the heavy lifting.

But once upon a time? Even porn pussies had hair! Thick dark unshaven glorious nests of the stuff, allowed to flourish without any sort of interference whatsoever:

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Let us be clear. This was not “hairy pussy” porn. It was not “full bush” porn. This was not “hippie” porn. It was not “all natural” porn. These pictures do not come from any kind of fetish porn. Hair fetish porn came along later, after hairy pussies in porn grew rare. At various times after “shaved beaver” became the porn default, all of those phrases got deployed to advertise old-fashioned porn that still had pubic hair in it. Eventually, liking to see pubic hair did come to be understood as a fetish by the porn industry, and pubic hair porn got made, marketed, and sold like any other fetish porn. That still happens. Rule 34 guarantees it. If you go looking for your pussies with hair on them, you can indeed find modern porn made just for you. You do have to look, though.

But before it became a specialty genre? It was just porn that had pussies in it. And pussies had hair on them. They had hair on them because, as the character Leland Stamper says in the great American movie Sometimes A Great Notion, “it grows.”

pussy with hair

To be clear — and to be fair — there was also a lot of male pubic hair hanging around back in the day. Dicks and balls were also well-nested in the fuzz. Perhaps, in porn, there was actually a bit less hair to be seen on male junk? If so, it’s because of an old male-performer trick. If you shave, your package looks a tiny bit bigger and more impressive on camera. But a lot of male porn stars didn’t bother. It certainly wasn’t expected:

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Notice what I have not done in writing about all this. I have not used words like “jungle” or “thatch” or “forest” or “wild” or any of a hundred more-derogatory words for natural and abundant pubic hair. There’s a reason for this. Words and phrases that suggest poor grooming, or which have built into them the expectation that women should shave, are body-shaming for many women. It’s a personal choice, dude. She shaves, or doesn’t, to please herself. Your opinion as a man is somewhat beside the point. You’re allowed to have a preference, but do you know who wants to hear it? No woman, ever!

The one possible exception is the woman who is fucking you. She may ask you about her pussy hair. If she does? Be gentle in how you answer. Even if you don’t like “hair down there” and she genuinely wants to hear that opinion because she loves you and wants to know how best she can please you with her personal grooming, she probably doesn’t want to hear your opinion expressed in a way that’s derogatory about her body.

pussy with hair

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