Best Selena Gomez Nudes, Are They Even Real?! 2020

selena gomez nudes

The moment you have all been dying for, to finally see the Selena Gomez nudes. Boy oh boy, must you be excited right now. Well, it does not happen every day that you see a list of nudes from a highly likable young celebrity. She is adorable, cute, attractive, sexy, you name it, Selena has the assets you would not mind playing with. But truth be told, how many of these naked pictures staring Selena are actually true? Well, at least for now, they are pretty much all fake. Is that a clickbait? Heck yes! Dude, at least I am honest with you. Still, I am sure some of you thought you will actually see the real Selena Gomez nudes. Not today. But never say never.

Who knows what the future and Selena have in store for us. We all know more and more ladies, even the most popular personas in the world, are taking it all off. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Whether it is purely for marketing purposes or god knows what, I do not really care. Whenever there is a new hottie who takes it all off, let it be Becca Brown or Mila Jovovich, you have my attention. I am a simple man, I see some naked skin and I start to slobber.

It is still too early to say when Selena’s nudes will go public. Or if they even ever will. But I bet she has plenty on her phone! To this day, we have already seen plenty sideboob and even nipple action going on from Selena. That said, she sure is not shy wearing a very open and loose top or dress. Do we have a chance then to see her full nudes? Who knows, it may happen. But for now, we solely need to rely on these small, yet big, accidents that happen to Selena in front of tens if not hundreds of photographers. But paparazzi everywhere! Maybe, just maybe, we see Selena Gomez nudes while she sunbaths somewhere “privately.”

Whatever the future holds for us, I keep staying optimistic. I mean, who does not want to see Selena Gomez naked? I bet you are all fantasizing about the moment to see her silky smooth skin in Eve’s costume. You know what my answer will be. I do, too. On a regular. Until then, we should feed ourselves with pokies, see-throughs and other raunchy images from the youngster, Selena.

Deep down, I know that it will happen. I just cannot say when exactly. We would need to wait to see the magic happen. And when it does, you will come here and thank me for keeping the hype going. Selena surely is a daring girl who likes to take the top off for a “topless” photo shoot. But she keeps on covering those boobs, making us even hungrier. That is called strategy, my friends.

Oh well, I might be half dreaming half awake right now, but I could not go to sleep without leaving you with some Selena Gomez nudes which are not really. However, it will definitely spice things up and let your imagination racing at an even faster pace.

By the way, if you aren’t already, go say Selena hi on Instagram.

To your luck, we have even more Selena Gomez nudes and naked images here for you. The first one is from our pals over at CelebJihad. Guess how much real this one is? I thought so! Anyhow, if you lack imagination and have trouble visualizing thing, I bet this sexy picture of Selena will do the trick. That trimmed bush suits her perfectly.

selena gomez nude sex pictures

Moreover, we bring you a bunch more images of the sexy, adorable and always sweet-looking Selena that I took from her Instagram profile. There is some nipple action going on which I am sure you will like a lot. At least I do!


  1. Kristine Britnell says:

    I just heard about Selena Gomez. I guess she just released a new song. And apparently she sent a note to Justin Bieber about it?

  2. marc says:

    just another girl NONE of us will ever fuck… so why bother looking?

  3. ajith says:

    sexy girl

  4. billiebollocks says:

    is there any reason why all the new uploads on the main site wont play? Nothing at all plays anymore in any browser, very frustrating!

    • Admin Vporn says:

      Billie, unfortunately the problem is because of the server problems that website has. It will take a little longer and the only thing that we can say is, sorry for all the troubles.

  5. rokr says:

    Who thought the featured image is real?

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