16 Most Common Sex Injuries [Infographic]

Be careful and avoid any of these common sex injuries

sex injuries



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We bring you a collection of the most common sex injuries that you would want to avoid. However, if you like a bit of pain, well, I am not saying you should hold yourself back.

It is all up to you.

It has been a while since you last had sex. All of a sudden, an epic dose of horniness hits you, and you want to fuck as hard as ever. To your luck, your partner is of the same thinking.

You two do not stop and go all in. Grabbing each other, biting, slapping, you get the gist of it. If you know what you are doing, that’s great. But if not, you better take a breather and slow down, so you do not run into injuries.

The 16 most common sex injuries

1. Crick in neck

If your neck is sensitive, you better warm it up before sex. From all the moves and different sex positions, you might hurt yourself.

2. Rug burn

So, you decided to do it on the floor, right? That rug might feel good to walk barefoot on it but not so comfortable for having sex. If you rub your skin against a rough surface for a little too long, you can experience a rug burn.

3. Vaginal tears

Whether the cock is too large or a lady’s pussy happens to be super tight, vaginal tears can occur. Use more lube!

4. Anal tears

Similar to the vaginal tears, first, use more lube. And second, make sure your asshole is comfortable with getting penetrated. Hint: you can train your ass.

5. Muscle strains

Just like you can experience muscle strains with any sport, so can you feel it while having sex.

6. Back injury

When you grow older, back injuries are somewhat common. Not just that, they are quite a common sex injury, too.

7. Breaking a bone

It is not something that happens frequently, however, if you take things too far, you can end up with a broken bone.

8. Fractured penis (almost unlikely to happen)

Thank God this one does not happen very often. Very likely, it will not happen, but when it does – yikes!

9. Bites

If you like to bite, please, just do it to the level you do not hurt the other person. Bite marks are a no-no.

10. Yeast infection

Ladies, keep your va-jay-jay clean and yeast-free.

11. Urinary tract infection (UTI)

This one is more likely to happy to the ladies, however, men experience it, too. One of the rules is to go and pee after sex.

12. Sore vagina

If the vagina is not wet enough, it can get sore quite quickly. Help yourself with quality lube and avoid the inconvenience.

13. Heart attack (yes, it can happen)

If you are old and experience heart problems, be careful because a heart attack is something that can happen. Especially if you are on pills!

14. Sore jaw (damn blowjobs!)

Wolfing down on that throbbing cock can leave you with a sore jaw.

15. Bruised elbows and knees

If you are banging on the floor, on the table or on the kitchen counter, bruised elbows and knees are somewhat hard to avoid. Pick up a pillow and avoid this sex injury.

16. Ripped piercing

Licking and sucking on a piercing might be a fun play, however, take it easy and do not rip it.

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    What is the worst sex injury you experienced so far?

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