Micaela Schäfer Is A Sexy German Erotic Model

micaela schafer

I have been following this smoking hot German erotic model, Micaela Schäfer, for a while now. That said, I’ve been planning to make this article happen for way longer than you may think.

I guess the time is finally right to make it happen and I cannot be more excited about it.

Note: Since we are in Germany today, we have a whole list of our favorite German pornstars of all time.


Over all this time, I just could not get enough of her. Believe me, there is never enough of Micaela. Whenever there were new sexy pictures posted about Micaela my mouth started to water. And they still do.

I dunno, she is just hot as fuck and I cannot do anything about it. But to be completely frank with you, if it wasn’t for her boobs that hooked me from the very beginning, I believe I would not be so big of a fan of hers. Too bad I do not understand German very well. Thanks to the one year long German class in elementary school, at least I understand a word here and there.

I just remembered something horrible: that German teacher was pure evil!

Micaela Schäfer

It’s Micaela Schäfer’s boobs what we need to pay extra attention to. Obviously, they are fake and just of the right size and absolutely beautiful. So perfectly rounded and so, well, grabbable and clickable.

However, I bet you see a ton of tits of this very same shape and size, still, no pair is anything like Micaela’s. It’s the nipples what make them so extra special. Nipples in a shape of a heart are not something you see on a daily basis.


When I first saw those nips, I was confused. Seriously, I did not know whether it’s a bodypaint or an actual tattoo. After a quick research, I knew it’s a tattoo and we also have proof. Check out the before and after pics we have.


Moreover, it was on Schäfer when I first saw the heart-shaped nipples. One on hand I found it absolutely ridiculous, while on the other hand, Micaela is a genius! And I still think that way.

Sure, Micaela is not the only person in the world with inked nipples. There are others, too, still, I could not find that many. Anyhow, thanks to Micaela for making it popular and flashing them on a regular basis.

By the way, we also need to mention her ass. Damn, it’s just as perfect as her hooters are.


All this brings us to the question:

Who actually is Micaela Schäfer?

She was born on November 1, 1983, in Leipzig, Germany, where she lived for two years before moving to Berlin. Did you notice the exotic looks on her face? That’s due being of German and Brazilian descent.

Growing up, Micaela attended ballet school, while studying to become a pharmacy technician. In eleventh grade, she dropped out of high school and pursued modeling career professionally.


Nowadays, you can find Schäfer all over the place. On television, on stage DJ-ing and, obviously, posing nude for all the popular men’s magazines, like FHM, Men’s Health and FHM. She is also doing all kinds of promotional stuff for a wide variety of brands. Not to mention, Micaela is very comfortable with being nude in public. With this in mind, don’t be surprised if you see her walking the street topless, wearing some kind of a bizarre outfit. Be prepared to quickly snap a photo with your smartphone.


To never miss a show and be updated with what she is up to on a regular basis, make sure you follow Micaela on Instagram. Plus, take a peek at her official website, too. Lucky you if you understand German.



  1. Sidney B Wak Wak says:

    Shes one heckofa lady

  2. svimonishvili says:

    love shen you

  3. george says:

    like breast6

  4. rokr says:

    Germany wouldn’t be Germany without Micaela!
    How do you like those heart-shaped nips?

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