Tinkerbell’s Rule 34 Use And Abuse

anal fingering for tinkerbell

Long-time readers may remember the first time I discussed Rule 34, that iron rule of the erotic internet that proclaims “There is porn of it, no exceptions.” What you may not remember is that the very first illustration in that post featured an unfortunate redheaded captive fairy being painfully inflated by means of a soda straw inserted… well, you can guess, or go look.

probing tinkerbell's pussy and anus

Fairies, although tiny, are ageless, and very tough. Their toughness is lucky for them, because they don’t fare very well under Rule 34. It turns out there’s an entire pornographic cottage industry devoted to taking sexual advantage of their small size and lack of particular strength or leverage. Given their reputation for magical vindictiveness, subjecting fairies to this kind of sexual humiliation seems also lethally dangerous if not downright stupid, but we horny mortals are like that, I guess.

lesbian bondage pussy licking for tinkerbell

Probably the most famous fairy of all time is Tinkerbell, aka Tinker Bell. Just because she’s tiny, you shouldn’t think of her as immature or non-sexual. In the 1911 novel Peter And Wendy, which is part of her canonical background, it is said of her people “After a time he [Peter] fell asleep, and some unsteady fairies had to climb over him on their way home from an orgy.”

ass pinch for tinkerbell

In the first Peter Pan novel, Tink’s introduced as being downright sexy, right down to the fancy undies she wears to sleep. She’s “…exquisitely gowned in a leaf cut low and square through which her hourglass figure could be seen to the best advantage.” Peter threatens to “open the curtains to your boudoir, then we shall all see you in your negligee.” She’s been a mature object of human lust from her very beginnings!

All this is no doubt why, in Tink’s own film history, she’s been played by adult actresses whenever she has appeared in live-action movies, starting with Virginia Brown Faire, who was 20 when she played Tink onscreen in the 1924 silent feature Peter Pan:

first tinkerbell live actress

At least in the fervid imagination of her many horny fans, it’s pretty much been non-stop orgies for Tinkerbell ever since, complete with spankings, malicious probing of her private parts, bondage, jizz floods, and rough sexual handling of every kind. She’s even tasked with the weary and tasking work of giving a sort of full-bodied handjob to her famously-lusty pirate captor, who keeps her on a tiny golden chain and “works” her to the point of physical exhaustion:

captain hook has a tiny cock slave

If she balks in her sex slave duties, Tink is never too tiny to punish. Fairies can be spanked, and they do not like it:

tinker bell spanking

Typically of loutish human mortals, the first thing they do when they have Tinkerbell in hand is finger her pussy. It’s intricate work, but somebody has to do it:

tinkerbell fingered

At the end of the day, there’s only one outcome when a human uses a fairy as an animated sex toy with beauty, wit, clever fingers, and a hot mouth. In the cruel hands of horny human males, Tinkerbell always winds up flooded in sticky jizz. It’s an inevitable fate, to which she ultimately becomes resigned:

tink flooded in sperm

Rule 34: It’s rough on the little people!

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