January 16, 2020
fucked by the police banner

Fucked By The Police

A thing I like about vintage porn magazines is their greater attention to scene-setting. Don’t just sell me some dirty pictures! I’d much rather see those porn photos laid out to tell a dirty story. Bigger page layouts and bigger budgets “back in the day” meant costumes on the porn […]
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January 1, 2020
undressing her with the snake stick

Snakes Are The Original Tentacle Porn

Snakes! Our human fascination and horror with them goes all the way back to the Adam and Eve story in the Christian bible. Sure, they’re all fangy and venomous, but their true horror is psycho-sexual. Snakes are dangerous dicks. It’s no accident that Satan appears in serpent form when trying […]
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December 24, 2019
Blunder Broad gagged and bound

Blunder Broad: Perverted Wonder Woman Parody

For more than thirty years, the great fetish artist Eric Stanton published a mail-order magazine of kinky comics called Stantoons. One of the longest-running strips in Stantoons featured a superheroine named Blunder Broad, a deliberately obvious Wonder Woman parody. “Blundie” sucked at superheroing, but at suffering? There, she was a […]
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December 4, 2019
titty fuck banner

A Tit Job Or A Titty Fuck?

I’ve been a porn collector for about forty years. For about the last twenty, I’ve also been writing about porn on the internet. One thing that happens over time scales like that is that intractable problems in porn nomenclature start to gnaw at you. Yes, porn has semantics — and […]
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November 19, 2019
sneering and whipping

Vintage Femdom Porn

This is not really a post about femdom porn. Because I don’t really know femdom porn. I’m not an expert! It’s not my kink. But I’ve been collecting porn for damn near forty years (if stealing dirty magazines from tree forts counts, which it damn well does). In that kind […]
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