Wonder How To Become A Male Pornstar – Here’s How

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Do you have watched all the porn videos in the world, fucked so many girls you do not remember their names and you believe your fucking skills are notorious? Taking into account all of this, you probably want to become a male pornstar! There are so many online platforms waiting for you to apply! If you somehow luckily have the chance for an interview, you will have to face some challenges and be ready to cover these requirements!

1. Size Matters!

I know that you have heard of this, and size is actually crucial for you to become a porn star. The biggest companies in this industry insist on their male pornstar actors having a big dick! Nothing less than 16cm matters in pornography. 21cm is the average penis in the eyes of the companies. Anything more is nice but over 23cm you usually go to another class of actors earning more money, more fame and of course more attention behind the screens!

size matters to become a male pornstar

2. You Have To Follow The Male Pornstar Rules

If you get to the interview, you will be asked to get aroused within half a minute. There may be a beautiful female pornstar in the room, or there may not be. If she is there, she may show you her tits, or she may not! Some of these girls in the interviews may let you touch their tits, and others may not… It is all a matter of situation. These are all possible options for what will happen during the interview.
Next, the jury will ask you to masturbate harshly for ten to fifteen minutes without any sex stimulation… and without cumming. As you probably know, you will have to keep it hard for a long time with no stimulation other than a hand while the crew moves the lighting or fixes the sounding but meanwhile, you will be required not to cum, and this is a test for this type of situations.

Then, you will have to cum on-demand in a minute but you cannot cum before the signal allowing you to. And to make it tougher, within three minutes you will be asked to start masturbating and cum in half a minute you start touching yourself again.

rules to become a male pornstar

3. Health Matters For Every Male Pornstar

Let’s put it that way- you have to be fit. If you look good, you most probably have a healthy lifestyle. A six-pack does not come out of donuts but hard workouts and a proper diet. Most of the professional male pornstars share that they work out six days a week, follow the keto diet, and sleep at least 8 hours per night.
If you are not fit, you will probably have heard time acting as porn shooting is something like a for to six hours aerobics workout! You have to be ready for this!

cum on demand

4. Be Open-minded

You have to be ready to experiment with new practices. You should be open to things that ordinary men are not very willing to try. Imagine that you are in a threesome with a woman and another man. The director wants you to make a double penetration scene. You are under the girl, and the other man is above her. You are both fucking the shit out of her pussy. Sounds sexy, huh?
What you probably do not know is the fact that his balls will give a little slap to your dick and your nuts with every stroke! To most heterosexual men, this might seem quite far from their sexual orientation. You might find it different, too, but you will be obliged by the director to do it! And you will actually have to look like you love this sex position!

be open-minded to become a pornstar double penetration

5. Make A Good Portfolio

Last but not least, a good pornstar portfolio is always an advantage. You can include any modeling work you have done- photos, companies you have worked with. Another thing that you might want to include is any amateur porn video you have made with your usual partner before. Or you can add a whole collection of homemade porn as I would do.

After you already know the requirements of the biggest porn companies in the world, you can finally start preparing! Try masturbating with no porn, try cumming in 30 seconds, get your summer body for the interview, and build it while recording your homemade porn videos! Even if you do not become a male pornstar, you will have enjoyed many orgasms, and you will have learned how to control your desire to finish! And you may have a whole collection of you in adult content movies on the shelves in your bedroom! Oh, well, you will be a real pornstar, then!


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