5+ Best Tips on How To Please A Man 2020

how to please a man

Just as women are complicated when it comes to getting them aroused and orgasm, it’s important to learn how to please a man, too. Sure, getting a dude rock solid is way easier than making a babe wet and her clit swell.

What to say, we guys are very simple human beings. When you get to play with us down under we get excited. Normally, we get horny way before you even touch us, girls! Show us ass, boobs and move your hips seductively and we are ready for the action. For a healthy male that is exactly how it works down there.

Still, we sure do enjoy that extra touch and effort experienced girls have to offer. It is not only about sucking the cock. Blowjobs do work most of the time, however, do learn how to pleasure your man and he will do things for you, you never expected he is capable of.

Yep, that’s how far you can bring him when you offer him an unforgettable male pleasure experience. Bring things to a whole new level and learn how to touch a guy down there.


In collaboration with Adam & Eve, Laci Green released a fresh new educational sex video for you. This time, she drops some tips, tricks and hints on how to please a man. The basics and even some advanced stuff that guys might try on their own or with their partner. More importantly, girls, surprise your boys with new skills.

It’s important to understand how male pleasure anatomy works. Let’s dive in.

The head

First and foremost, it’s important to put a lot of attention to the head of the penis aka the glans. No girls, you do not need to deepthroat your dude to offer him the most epic pleasurable experience. Unless you want to give it a go and see how it works. That’s up to you – just do not force yourself!

Anyhow, it is important to focus on the two hot spots that are on the head of the penis. The corona and the frenulum. The first one is that little ridge around the head and the second you will find at the underside of the cock. It’s that little patch of the skin right below the head. For the uncircumcised fellas, this means extra pleasure.

Now girls, make sure you kiss, lick, bite and suck these two spots for some pleasant moments. Be gentle!


Look no further, it’s time to learn how to please a man

The Foreskin

Indeed, circumcised dicks look a touch more beautiful, however, they don’t experience as many sensations as the uncircumcised do. The foreskin provides natural lubrication, has about 20,000 nerve endings and when pulled gently over the head, it stimulates the corona and the frenulum and can produce a very pleasurable sensation.

For the circumcised studs, the downside is that it damages nerve endings and the pleasurable function of the foreskin. The good news is, you can still stimulate those spots with your hands, mouth and toys. Hint: adding a bit of lubrication can increase the sensation.

Lucky me, I am not circumcised!

When it comes to pressure and speed, do the exact thing as Laci suggests, ask your partner. This is one of the major factors to learn how to please your man – through a conversation.


The balls

The scrotum is probably one of the most sensitive parts of the male body. While it can produce satisfying moments, it can also cause pain and nausea. Aside from wild fetish folks, don’t be rough on the balls or you will cause more harm than good. Cup them, lick them, suck them (gentle pulls work, too) or put a vibrator to them to offer pleasurable moments. Never forget, communicate with the partner and figure out what feels right.

The perineum

You know, the patch of skin between the balls and the anus? Add pressure or lubricated touch to it and your boy might just get a bit closer to orgasm. Do it during a blowjob or during fucking because it simply feels good!

The anus

Now let’s get to more taboo ways of how to pleasure a man. Prior to doing anything like this, start a conversation and ask if he likes it or not. If he never tried it and is against it, try to encourage him to give it a go once and if it just does not feel right, you will never bother him again.

Just like with women, men can also experience wonderful moments when their anuses get stimulated. The outside of the anus has a ton of nerve endings, meaning, you can apply light pressure to it and it probably will unlock a new way of satisfaction for the stud. You can either lick it, finger it or have some fun with a sex toy.

Notice: always lubricate this area, finger and even the sex toy. The anus does not provide natural lubrication and if doing it dry it can cause a painful experience. Also, put a condom on the toy and clean it thoroughly when you are done playing.

By the way, when using toys for the butt fun, make sure you use the correct ones – they should have a flared base. You don’t want to get it stuck in there.


The prostate

To continue our how to please a man session with Luci, we should also mention the good old prostate. You will find it on the inside of the butt and can also be called the male G-spot. It’s a gland about the size of a walnut and is located at the base of a cock. That’s where the semen is stored.

Before you do anything with the prostate, make sure that the partner is well aroused. Not to mention, make sure they are ready for the play and they “invite you in.”

While guys typically reach orgasms from the outside stimulation, stimulation of the P-spot can give pleasurable inside orgasms just as well. According to Laci, P orgasm was once described as, “Intence full body orgasm that sends wave after wave throughout my whole body.”

Also, massaging the prostate can increase the health of the prostate, too.

I am certain you learn a thing or two how to please a man. Like mentioned already, always get the conversation going. Never try something you aren’t sure they will like. It might get you in trouble!

Moreover, through a conversation, you may not only reach epic sensations but discover entirely new ways of pleasure, too.

Since we are already chatting about male pleasure, learn about some male sex toys that you can use on your own or with a partner, too. Don’t be afraid and give them a shot, believe me, it will be fun.


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