Amber Rose Says Lelo’s Sona is Really, Really Cool

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Guys, since holidays season is just around the corner, I could not but post about Lelo’s new innovative sex toy for women, Sona. And why I am especially excited about writing this article is due to the fact that no other than Amber Rose officially announced the new sex device and calls it “really, really cool.”

If Amber says its good and “mindblowing,” then it is a guarantee that your ladies will love it, too! Or your sex buddies or random strangers who you are attracted to. Or, you know, why not use it on your penis, too. Who said you should no do it?

Watching Amber’s video, I was hard focusing on the main thing. Those boobs are a distraction. The tattoos she sports I really dig. Her face is just perfect. And the short hair suits Amber well. Moreover, her lips and pretty smile while talking and holding Sona in her hand almost made me go crazy. Oh yeah, and her ass is ridiculous, too (not in the video). By the way, have you seen Amber Rose wearing a bush yet? To make a long story short, Amber Rose is fucking hot! And she looks even better with those big glasses, holding a sex toy.

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Staring at Amber for a good little while, I finally managed to pull myself away from her and go to business. As for you, do yourself a favor and stare at Amber, at her giant breasts, tattoos, whatever, for as long as you would like. Did I already mention that she is scorching hot?

But what is there so damn special about Sona? Before I say anything else, this was Lelo’s most successful sex product launch after a whopping 15 years. Girls and guys, if you haven’t already, buy Sona today for a better tomorrow.

To get slightly more serious, let’s finally chat about the viral sex toy that even celebrities go wild for.

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Hence the name, Sona goes entirely against the grain compared to what traditional sex toys are using – vibrations. Sona, on the other hand, utilizes sonic waves and pulses. What this means is that the user reaches a whole new level of satisfaction. Like Amber would say it, “Clitoral mindblowing.”

Using sonic waves instead of vibrations allows it to reach 75% more of the clitoris. The female pleasuring device stimulates parts of the clit that you do not see what helps a girl reach a climax she has not yet experienced. Who does not want to take masturbation to new heights, right?

“My Sona is CLIToral mindblowing!”- Amber

Not only does Amber Rose promote Lelo’s Sona, she also advertises the safest sex which is, you guessed it, masturbation. By no means am I here advising you to buy expensive sex products. That is your choice. However, whoever does decide to buy the high-tier products definitely experiences self-pleasuring differently compared to those using cheap, plastic toys.

It is quite similar when it comes to condoms. Buy the cheapest and they will smell of rubber and the feeling will not be as pleasurable as it could be. On the other hand, go with Lelo HEX, pay the premium price, but have sex like never before. To each his own.

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