Amber Rose’s Bush Is Just Spectacular

Guys, seriously, drop everything and enjoy yourself some Amber Rose bush. Or all of it. We have all seen Amber do all bunch of sexy stuff for the camera and her Instagram followers, however, she still knows how to surprise. Not only surprise but blow us away and make us speechless and unable to really do anything other than staring at her.

Amber is very familiar with sliding into super sexy and erotic dresses, teasing her round ass, or doing just whatever there is to make the male population across the whole world drool. Still, we are more than certain that many women envy Amber’s insanely beautiful looks. Heck, her body is the one that really does the trick. Monster hooters and those phenomenal hips and exceptionally round bum.

amber rose bush

I dunno, but my eyes sure did bulge when Rose decided to show her bush covered rose. Once you go nude on Instagram, stuff lasts there maybe for a few hours before it gets taken down. The fact of the matter is, Amber has well over 15 million followers, meaning, even if the content lasts for an hour or so, there is a really good chance someone will see the pic and take a screen shot. It will then be posted on the web and everyone will start writing about it. Clicks, clicks, clicks.

Sad Amber then posts a video of herself rolling her eyes, letting the world know that she does not give a fuck. “Everyone picked it up already” anyway. You got that right!
Thanks to the world wide web, every single one of us who missed it, now have a chance to examine the Amber Rose bush in great detail.

Writing in porn for several years now, it sure does not bother me seeing naked skin. However, I do wonder every once in a while about how far will all this nudity thing amongst celebrities go. Years back, girls were posting themselves wearing tight dresses to make the world go berzerk.

In this day and age, mini bikini is almost too much clothing. If half of the body is not naked or covered with a sheer piece of clothing or whatever, it won’t make people turn heads. As minimal as possible and it is almost guaranteed to go viral. Especially when the person who is doing something extraordinary is a celebrity.

😂 I'm so done with ya'll Lol #baldheadscallywag #bringbackthebush 😉🤗😍

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To be frank, all this is getting quite annoying. I mean, isn’t it silly when sex and porn are still such taboo topics while all these superstars are dressed almost like hookers and look like sex dolls. Or sometimes even worse! It just does not make sense.

Still, it might be that due to all these well-known ladies posting raunchy stuff to their social media, people will start getting more and more open to the explicit content. I mean, if only people would not be so afraid to share their sexual experiences with their friends. Or if parents would not be so damn weird talking to their children about sex.

One thing I know for sure, if I ever had children, boy, they would be the coolest kids ever. Heaving a father who is writing porn for a living is cool, right?


  1. John Lawson says:

    Amber Rose famous for taking holidays from her vacations lol, now for being covered in oil, & having, slightly hairy pussy?

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