August Ames, Remembering The Great Pornstar

august ames pornstar

It is never really in my interest to write about such topics, but how could we not remember the great pornstars herself, August Ames. Sadly, the news hit the web on Wednesday that August, 23, hung herself. She left way too early.

In the modern web and social media first age we are leaving, you need to be careful what you release to the online space. It could be a single tweet that can ruin your whole career. Not career, but brand image. And personal brand is a thing, too. There are many people who do not think like you and will attack you with all their power.

Now, there are two people. First, some of them tweet and do not give a fuck about what others say. And second, some of them tweet and really take it to their hearts what others respond. However, I am not here to talk about what kind of a person August was. I just wanted to point it out that if replies to your tweets have an effect on you (positive or negative), think twice before you publish them. Sure, there are many who disagree with you, but sometimes, disagreement can lead to a quality debate. Not always.

To get to the point, what is considered the main reason for August Ames killing herself is the controversy she caused on Twitter. On December 3, August posted a tweet that she declined an offer to work for a porn company and a talent who previously worked in gay scenes. Sure, this caused a serious chaos, since many considered August “homophobic.” As a matter of fact, there were even many fellow porn performers who went 100% against Ames’ statement. Not only that, some suggest her to kill herself.

On the other hand, many adult performers were entirely supportive. Still, it might not be the best approach Ames took but hey, we are only humans, we all make mistakes.

Over the next two days, Ames’ Twitter was absolutely bombarded with both positivity and negativity. And then it happened. The last thing August Ames tweeted was, “fuck y’all,” and committed suicide. Whether August’s reaction was solely because of the “cyberbullying,” for another reason or a mix of both, no one will ever know for sure. August is not with us anymore and no one can do anything about it.

If I would know Ames on a personal level, I could write more about it, however, I did not. That said, I will share with you a few of the tweets by other pornstars.

Anikka Albrite: “Omg I can’t believe she’s dead. You people should have known better than to berate her over her personal thoughts! Shame on all you for beating it into the ground. Online harassment is a real thing & it claimed another life. Some who I liked & would have even called a friend!”

Amber Lynn: “The entire family of X shall hang it’s head today in sadness for your loss, I am truly sorry for your pain and more that you felt so alone in this time of crisis.”

Abella Danger: “Beautiful girl, I wish this was all some messed up joke. You’ll never EVER be forgotten. Your energy was one of a kind, gone WAY too soon, I still can’t even believe it.”

Alexis Monroe wrote, “I think it’s hilarious that you’re discriminating against a man who does/did gay porn when half of this industry has performed with such performers.”

And then August replied with, “Sorry, it was just my opinion. My body, my rules. Honestly, I’m sorry if I offended anyone.” And added, “Plus, I didn’t say any names… but I will stop talking so no more damage is done, lol.”

Kendra Lust: “May you RIP beautiful August Ames.”

And Nikki Benz tweeted: “Another beautiful soul taken too soon. RIP @AugustAmesxxx I’m still in disbelief.” She continued, “Things need to change in this industry.”

August, you were an outstanding performer who we will miss with all of our hearts. Your talent will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace.


  1. Doesitevenmatter says:

    Life is wild. She is dead and niggas posted her stroking a cock lol. Im outta here bro.

  2. Natas says:

    It is sad that She’s gone. I enjoyed Her movies and I will continue to do so.
    When I first heard about Her death I was surprised.
    It is a shame that one of the contributing factors in Her death was Cyber-bullying. I think that people who were involved in that should be held accountable for it. When children and teenagers die due to Cyber-bullying the people who cause it are punished, so should be that way as well for those who bullied August Ames.
    Her reason for not having sex with men who preform in Gay Porn is understandable. The HIV and STD testing in Gay Porn is virtually non-existent in many companies who make Gay Porn. So I understand when She says that She doesn’t want to do a sex scene with someone who might not be safe. She wasn’t being homophobic She was simply stating that She wanted to be safe. Plus She’s not homophobic, She’s very supportive of the Gay community in Her private life.
    I think that the reason that Bruce Beckham led the Cyber-bullying charge against Her, was because he was mad that he wasn’t going to get to have sex with Her, so he calls Her a homophobe in order to make his damaged ego feel better.
    And he is only apologizing now, not because he’s actually sorry but because he doesn’t want to get into trouble with the law or lose his job.

  3. idunno says:

    August Ames was totally within her right to express an opinion. I wish that she wouldn’t have taken things so personal though. Is cyber-bullying that strong of a thing or could there have been some substance abuse issues also. I truly don’t know. May she Rest In Peace.

  4. rokr says:

    What’s your take on this whole situation? Should Aimes keep it to herself? Were others too harsh on her?

    • xyz says:

      i feel its not right what has been done
      bullying is a serious issue i can happen to everyone and anyone
      such things shouldn’t be taken lightly
      she didn’t try to offend anyone on purpose
      In conclusion my reply would be that, Yes others were harsh on her as it is said not everyone forget about the reply some take it to heart……….

    • Nara says:

      A woman shouldn’t be forced to fuck someone they don’t want to fuck, doesn’t matter if she works on porn.
      What the people who criticized her did was unforgivable, she is a homophobe because she didn’t wanted to fuck a guy who shot gay porn because she wanted to be safe? Overall, thanks to this loss, the people who are quick to judge a pornstar because of who they choose to work with are going to think twice before opening their hateful mouths.

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