Czech Teen Seals The Deal With A Back Office Fuck

czech teen

It all becomes way more exciting when a sexy and enticing Czech teen walks into the pawnshop.

But let’s start at the beginning.

It is a typical day in the pawnshop. Customers are coming in and out in their hopes of making a sale. But it is clear that one of the shop owners has other things on his mind. While it is nice to earn a living, it is not so bad to get a chance to fuck at work every now and then. Come on, how many of you fantasize about office sex? Plus, let’s be honest can you say no to a cute Czech teen who is willing to suck your cock and do more?

But his first attempt was not at all successful. A young blonde woman approaches the counter to sell her phone. She is hoping to get more for it, but he says it is not worth as much. He tries to bargain with her by inviting her to the back of the store to discuss it further. She wonders why they need to talk there and declines his offer right away and leaves the store. But he is not put off and tells her he is in all week in case she changes her mind.

More customers come and go, but when a Czech teen comes in and tries to sell her phone, he sees an excellent opportunity.

Will he score this time?

She needs the money. He rejects her phone and says it is not worth much. Instead, he offers her a smaller amount for her bag since it is 100% leather. She takes the money, but it is not satisfactory. They talk it over in hushed voices.

This is it!

He is sure she cannot say no to his exclusive offer. She agrees, but our Czech teen drives a harder bargain than he does. For a chance to get to know her better, she asks for more money. No matter, it is obvious he is more than willing to part with his money in exchange for her pussy. Before heading back, he tells his partner to mind the store. His reply hints this is not the first time he has had a woman back there.

Once they get in the back, he hands her the cash. But she hesitates upon seeing the camera on. He assures her it is only for his personal collection. Yeah right. *wink*

Convinced of his sincerity, she kneels before him to suck his cock. He enjoys her blowing him, compliments on how good she is at it. Young brunette responds by showing him how deep she can take his hard cock into her mouth. You can see she is enjoying herself as well when she playfully takes his balls into her mouth.

Their private moment is interrupted when his partner opens the curtain and innocently walks in on them. He apologizes and goes out again. But it does little to stop them from getting downright freaky at the back. She hesitates for a moment when a customer comes in. But he assures her everything is fine and tells her to drop her pants. She bends over so he can fuck her from behind.

Despite her constant worries, they move over to a table so our Czech teen can spread her legs wider for him to bang her pussy harder.

It is a great day to go to the office, don’t you think so?

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