Guadalajara Is Totally Fine With Public Sex

guadalajara public sex

If you plan to visit Guadalajara, Mexico in the coming days, weeks or even months, you would probably not get arrested for having a public sex experience. That super tempting park or a random bush might look too enticing not to have some fun. Go ahead, do your thing.

All until this time, the law did not approve sex in public locations, but its the cops that ruined it all. In the second largest city in Mexico, police officers did not just arrest those having sex in public. In fact, for the most time, they almost never brought them to the station.

What they were doing was offering them an option to pay money for them letting them go. Of course, many folks accepted the offer, paid the cop and left.

From now on, only certain sexual intercourses and other nude activities they will consider a crime. For your information, even if a couple was just making out, these nasty police officers also sometimes went after them just like they were having public sex. Of course, youngsters did not want to go to the police station and paid the cop.

For your information, children in Mexico live with their parents well into their adulthood. That said, they do not have the privacy they deserve, as well as no money to pay for a motel where they could spend kinky moments with a lady and vice versa.

Of course, to avoid getting caught by their parents and to skip paying expensive motels, they rather hit up a park or even enjoy themselves in alleys. Not that there would be kids and couples having sex all over Guadalaraja but it happens from time to time for a cop to take action.

From now on, police officers will need to have solid proof what was really going on on that bench. By allowing the public sex, they want to avoid bribery and have fewer people to pay the cop. Only if there would be a report from the passing by citizens or some other inconvenience, police officers would take lawbreakers to the station.

Needless to say, you still need to watch where to have public sex in Guadalajara but at least cops cannot take your activity to their full advantage. Only those over at the police station will decide what to do with you. And if there will be no residents confirming the situation, you are good to go.

Make it still secret enough so no one sees you. And if a cop comes by, you keep enjoying yourself just like nothing happened.

Me personally, I only had public sex once. In fact, if sauna counts as a public location, I can then say I did it twice. I am more of a romantic person, I enjoy a lady indoors, preferably on the bed but other locations will do the trick, too.

Before you take a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico, you can investigate the best private locations for public sex. You do not really need to worry about the sex act unless someone reports you. If a cop comes, just wave at him and keep doing what you are doing. And do not say that you read it here because we guarantee you nothing except a ton of good porn.

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