How Pornstars Told Their Families About Their Careers?

how pornstars told their families

Obviously, not all pornstars are hiding from their families. Some tell them by themselves while, the worst case scenario, parents find it out themselves. And, no, I am not talking about father watching porn and seeing his daughter having sex. Still, that can happen, too.

In fact, I am talking about someone else telling their parents instead of them. Not good.

I was told by my parents that it is always better if I tell about whatever instead of them finding out from someone else.

When it comes to porn, eventually they will find it out. When it comes online, it stays there forever.

But let’s hear it from Stoya, Jizz, Asa and Nikki themselves how they came out. It sure is not always fun and games.

how stoya told her family

Out of all four, Nikki is the unluckiest one. While the other three told their families by themselves, someone outed Nikki. It was not very bright between Nikki and her family for two years straight. In the end, things changed and slowly, very slowly, loosened up.

One year, Stoya came home from AVN and a thought stroke her that her grandmother might found out what she does by accident.

So she called her.

After her grandmother asks Stoya how does she support herself, the long or short conversation begins. Her granny heard that she is a model but no way could she be a successful one due to her size.

how jizz lee told her family

To best explain to her what Stoya truly does; Stoya says that she is like Betty Paige just without any clothing. And it is on camera. And it includes sex. Her grandmother goes, “Oh, so you are a nudie girl.” Of course, she also wanted to know if she likes it and whatnot. All fine about the porn thing but the problems became when Stoya tells her that she is using her name.

Long story short, there is very little chance that a family member would react like Stoya’s granny did. Hurray for the cool granny!

how asa akira told her family

Jizz Lee edited a book a few years back called Coming Out Like A Pornstar. You might have heard of it or you are entirely new to it, but that is not what really matters. Jizz needed to find a way how to prepare herself to tell her parents that she is a pornstar. What she got back from them was very heartbreaking. “I was very relieved to know that they are supportive of me and proud of me. And they know and they trust me to take care of myself.”

Indeed, they had a lot of questions, including the, “What will others think?” But then she proves all their worries wrong and actually makes them proud to have a daughter whose stage name is Jizz Lee. Due to doing adult films, not only did Jizz get a chance to speak at universities, she also wrote a book.

how nikki darling told her family

“We’re not all hiding from our families.”

Asian porn superstar, Asa Akira, is really close with her parents especially being an only child. Obviously, she does not really like to chat with them about her sex life, however, it just happens that sex is her job. Of course they would rather see her do something else but they do not love her any less due to the decision she made for her career.

Unfortunately, Nikki Darling was revealed by someone. Sadly, Nikki and her family did not talk for two years straight. During the time, her family had enough time to grow up and mature and finally accepted her who she is. It was definitely hard for Nikki but they eventually found the tools to communicate.

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